1/20th Scale Robots – 3D Printing Contest

Since so many teams have 3D printers now, we thought it would be fun to have a 3D Printing Contest where you create a 20:1 scale model of your 2018 robot (FIRST POWER UP).

The Contest Rules are posted below.

To help get you started, we asked our FRC Game Animation Team to export the animation robot model parts to STL. These are really rough and set a pretty low bar, but should give you some ideas. They are not all scaled correctly, so you may have to monkey with the scaling when you print them (turns out animators don’t make really good CAD jockeys).

FRC 1/20th Scale Robots 2018 POWER UP – revA

Download the Robot  STL files above. Note: Since these were exported from the animation we don’t have any CAD files for these.  Please feel free to create better versions of these and send them to us to share with all!

3D Printing Contest

While we have your attention 

Have you used your AutomationDirect $35 Kit-Of-Parts Voucher yet?  You know – for the real-world robot!  If not, have your lead mentor log on to the FIRSTinspires dashboard to get your team’s voucher code – THEN follow these simple (BUT IMPORTANT) instructions to activate and use your voucher.  We’ve got thousands of parts that can be used to help build your ‘bot.  Check that link for a list of products that are popular with FIRST teams.


We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here are some photos of the 3D printed robot parts and built models:

3D Printing Contest



3D Modeling and Printing Contest

Sponsored by AutomationDirect


Create a 1:20th scale model of your team’s POWER UP Robot that can be produced on a basic low-end 3D printer.

Post an STL file of your model on Thingiverse.  Include:

  1. Screen shot(s) of the CAD Model
  2. Photo(s) of a printed/decorated version of the model
  3. Photo(s) of your real robot in the same orientation(s) for reference
  4. Any instructions recommended/required for printing and/or assembly.
  5. In the Description Include:
    1. “TEAM 1234” Where “1234” is YOUR Team number
    3. Anything else you want to tell us!
  6. Use the Power Up Field and Robots provided by AutomationDirect for reference
  7. To Enter Contest: Send a link to the model on Thingiverse to educationalcontacts@automationdirect.com
  8. DUE DATE: Feb 25, 11:59 pm


Judging Criteria:

This is a completely subjective contest to be judged by the CAD team at AutomationDirect so there is no rubric, but here are some suggestions and guidelines:

  1. Anyone should be able to look at your scale model and tell it is your team’s robot
  2. A dynamic mechanism that mimics a function of your robot would be a plus!
    • A rubber band controlled catapult or grabber or moveable lift for example
    • The more 3D Printed parts the better
    • If using non-3D printed materials, make them common items like paper clips for axles, rubber bands for stored energy, etc …
  3. Does NOT have to roll (wheels can be static)
  4. Suggestion: Look at the Hexbug Battlebots or the Automation Direct Animation Robots from this year’s animation for inspiration (download STL files above)

Field Model

You can download and print a 1:20th scale model of the POWER UP Field here.


Top 50 submissions will receive an extra 2018 AutomationDirect Voucher ($35 for ANYTHING at AutomationDirect.com) Go here for details about the Automation Direct Voucher (part of the FIRST Virtual KOP).

Please note: This is not an official FIRST Award. Results will be posted on ChiefDelphi Good Luck!