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2D CAD Models Now Downloadable by Part Number

A new feature on our Web store gives you access to drawings for individual part numbers. At the item (part number) level page, scroll to the Drawings and Models section to view available drawings. We recently added the STEP format file for each item that has the drawing available. You can now also get the 2D .DWG and PDF file on a per item basis, as well as a product group download containing a block of similar parts all zipped into a large file; a link to any available 3D models on the Traceparts Web site appears there also.

Step by Step Instructions

To download 3D models from the part level page in the AutomationDirect store, select the 3D Model link as shown. You will be directed to the 3D part on the TraceParts Web site, where the image will load automatically. You can also find all available 3D models at Simply go to and from the Catalogs tab, select AutomationDirect.[hozbreak]Drawings Blog_CROP[hozbreak]

To do a Basic Search, enter a part number in the search window and hit enter. The result will take you directly to the product model and download screen. You can also perform an Advanced Search. Simply select Advanced Search to search by a product title, such as PLC or sensor, or you can search by a specific part number.

The default viewing on the model page shows a photo of the product. To preview the 3D model, select the 3D icon above the image. This will allow you to rotate and zoom in on the model.

When you are ready to download, select a file type from the dropdown list. There are over 30 file formats from which to choose. Once selected, there are two options for downloading; Direct Download (download only the current model) or Add to a Download Center (download multiple models).

In order to complete the download, a User Account is required. Once the user account is established, an email address and password must be entered to continue with the download.

Direct Download files are placed in your Temporary Internet Files directory. It is recommended to open the file and save it to a permanent location.

When using the Download Center, files can be delivered by email or downloaded to your Temporary Internet Files directory. You can place one model or multiple models in the Download Center. Select the Download Center tab to display a list of queued models. Select the envelope icon to have the models emailed, or select the green icon to have them downloaded.

Check back often for updates to the AutomationDirect 3D catalog at TraceParts as new models will continue to be added.