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AC Motors and Controls | High Efficiency at an Affordable Price

All factory automation involves some sort of moving machinery, and the most common source of that motion is an electric motor.  Whether you need an AC or DC motor – or if your application requires speed, position or even torque control – there is a motor and control technique to provide that motion.  Simple systems use on/off control (sometimes called “across the line” control), some need an AC or DC drive or a soft starter.  More sophisticated systems may even require PID or another feedback loop for extremely tight control.  Whatever the application requires – Automation Direct has you covered!

Knowing which technology to use for each application is critical for cost effective and efficient control of your factory processes.  Big savings are possible when you find the right equipment at the best price while also saving in other areas like technical support, shipping costs, fast delivery, warranties and more. This is why AutomationDirect works so hard to provide the best prices in the industry for the best quality products, along with award-winning FREE technical support, a vast library of training videos and documentation, the best customer service in the industry, FREE and FAST 2-day shipping for orders $49 and over, and 30-day money-back guarantee on practically every product we sell. Go ahead, we invite you to check out our videos, blogs, documentation and more for our motors, motor controls, soft-starters, drives, motion control systems and so many more products that help you move, push, spin, shift, convey, rotate, and control each of your automation challenges.


AC MotorsHow Do AC Motors Work?

AC motors are electric motors driven by alternating current (AC). AC motors are widely used in industry, primarily due to their high efficiency, and their ability to produce constant torque up to the rated speed. Read More –>


AC Motor On/Off Controls | Automation Notes

Most control systems have to make things move, and that usually involves motors. Lifting, pumping, robotics, conveyors, fans – pretty much everything uses a motor of some kind. General purpose one- or three-phase AC motors are great for simple on/off systems; Inverter-duty motors are specifically designed for operation with variable frequency drives or VFD. Read More –>


Selecting Motors for Industrial Applications

Efficient use of motors is always important, but there are many other things to consider when specifying an electric motor. Mechanical and environmental considerations are on the list, as is the application and operation. All of these factors are important, but the application is where the selection process should start. Read More –>


How to Choose a General Purpose Motor vs. Inverter-Duty Motor

General purpose motors have been around for many years. They are the workhorse of almost every industry. An inverter-duty motor is a much newer concept that became necessary as motors began to be driven by VFDs. Read More –>


To VFD or Not to VFD

You’ve probably seen and read way too many articles telling you to use VFDs on your AC motors to save energy, reduce maintenance and lengthen motor life. This is not one of those articles. Instead, we’re going to show you just how to calculate whether or not a VFD makes sense for your particular application. Read More –>