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To coincide with the recent release of their latest eBook, “Pneumatics: A Practical Guide”, AutomationDirect has launched This in-depth site offers extensive information with interactive tools on a wide variety of pneumatic topics as well as a complete listing of pneumatic products offered by AutomationDirect.

Pneumatic.Com siteAmong the many informative sections, Cylinder Sizing and Force explains topics such as cylinder force, spring return, differential pressure and more. Using the interactive calculator, users can determine proper cylinder bore sizes needed for their specific application. Simply enter information for the required force and the system pressure, and the tool provides the minimum bore size needed.

For those new to pneumatics, the Understanding Circuit Symbols section explains what each symbol represents, including the methods of actuation, number of positions, flow paths and number of ports.

The Valve Sizing section provides a guideline to help users determine the minimum valve flow coefficient necessary for a given system with an easy-to-use coefficient calculator.

A major requirement for pneumatic components in machines, equipment and processes is a steady supply of clean and dry air to help ensure proper operation. The Air Preparation section explores the basics and benefits of Air Prep systems with specifics on filters, regulators and lubricators. Helpful hints and common problem signs to watch out for are also discussed.

The cost of compressed air can be a very significant cost of a pneumatic system. This cost can vary widely and is dependent on cylinder sizes, their cycle times and the size and length of the tubing feeding the cylinder. In the Calculate Air Consumption section, interactive calculators are provided to help users determine the air consumption of their cylinders and tubing.

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In business since 1994, AutomationDirect is a distributor offering thousands of industrial automation products for electrical control systems, including PLCs, operator interfaces, AC drives, motors, stepper systems, sensors, motor controls, enclosures and more. Their prices are typically well below the list price of more traditional automation companies because of their business model and focus on efficiency and the majority of their products are stocked for same-day shipping. Plus, get free two-day delivery on orders over $49; some limitations apply. For more information, contact them at 800-633-0405 or visit