Control access to running equipment and machinery with Dold trapped keys from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added Dold trapped key systems to its line of safety products. A trapped key system uses a series of mechanical locks and keys to control the access of gates or doors to running equipment or machines, ensuring safe access to those machines.

Dold trapped key system gate sets provide a full trapped key safety system, in one- to five-gate sets. Available in either standard (SX) or solenoid-locking (ZRH) versions, all keys and their corresponding receivers and modules are unique within a set.

The SX-series of standard gate sets are 316L stainless steel body interlock safety switches with one normally-closed and two forced opening normally-open/normally-closed changeover contacts.

The ZRH-series solenoid gate sets are interlocking safety switches with 24 VAC/DC solenoid power to unlock, one normally-closed and two forced opening normally-open/normally-closed changeover contacts for actuator tongue (key) status and two normally-closed and one forced opening normally-open/normally-closed changeover contacts for solenoid status.

Accessories available include door actuators, captive safety key sets, key modules for key exchange box setup, tongue key actuators (purchased separately from the gate sets).

Steel mounting plates are offered in eight pre-fabricated sizes plates that are sized to easily mount various configured trapped key stations; mounting plate size depends on size and number of modules in your application.

Prices start at $1,019 for the standard one-gate set; solenoid gate sets start at $1,239.

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