DIY Halloween Props with CLICK PLC and NITRA Pneumatics

It’s that season again. It’s time for creepy crawlies to invade our neighborhoods. It’s time for things that go bump in the night to be more common than before.  Thanks to products from AutomationDirect you too can create something to scare those trick-or-treaters.

With Halloween almost upon us, you probably have in mind something creepy, scary, or horrifyingly haunting to use as your Halloween props. But how do you give it that something special, that “scream factor”? That’s where AutomationDirect comes in.

We know you’ve seen our four-part series on automating Halloween props. That series has been quite a hit with viewers. This year, we’ve kicked things up a notch or two with a classic horror movie-style piece. Maybe our latest DIY Halloween Prop video will scare…I mean…inspire you.

Want to see how easy it is to scare someone? Want to make a burly man scream like a little girl?

Take a look at our latest Halloween prop DIY video. This video shows you how you can use a CLICK PLC to control a pneumatic creation step by step. The best part about using a pneumatic component is its ability to automate endless types of props from a bone shaking skeleton, to a crazed zombie or even open and close doors and few dresser drawers. Happy haunting!


Once you view the video, let us know how you have automated your Halloween prop or even your whole display. Maybe it will inspire others to automate their displays as well.


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DIY Halloween
DIY Halloween