New Factor 1 Ferrous, Non-Ferrous & Weld Applications Sensors

AutomationDirect’s line of inductive proximity sensors now includes harsh duty Factor 1 sensors for ferrous and non-ferrous metallic object detection and harsh duty coated sensors for weld applications.

KS series Factor 1 proximity sensors, with stainless steel housing, have a correction factor K=1 and provide a constant sensing range without adjustment on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals alike.

Weld Applications SensorsWK series (Factor 1) sensors and WS series sensors have a coating that makes them ideal for welding applications where weld slag build-up is a large cause of sensor failure. The PTFE material coating prevents slag build-up and allows weld spatter to be wiped off easily.

These harsh duty sensors are available in 8, 12, 18 and 30mm diameter sizes and operate on 10 to 30 VDC input voltage. Sensing distances range from 2mm to 30mm depending on series.

All sensors are cULus approved, CE compliant and have a lifetime warranty. KS series Factor 1 sensors start at $24.00 and weld slag resistant coated sensors are priced from $27.00.

AutomationDirect offers a complete line of sensors and encoders for proximity, pressure, temperature, level, flow, current and voltage sensing applications.

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