AutomationDirect offers 3D models of their private label and brand label products. These 3D models are available via, a provider of free CAD parts libraries.

To obtain 3D models for AutomationDirect products simply locate the product and download to your PC.


Locating the 3D Model

There are two methods for locating the 3D model part for download. One way is from the AutomationDirect store at the product level. The other way is by searching the TraceParts Web site for the part.

1.)  3D Models Via AutomationDirect Store

Step 1: Locate the part by going to the product level in the AutomationDirect store.

Step 2: Select the 3D Model link as shown. You will be directed to the 3D part on the TraceParts Web site.

2.) 3D Models via the TraceParts Web site

Step 1: Go to and select the Catalogs tab.

Trace Parts 1

Step 2: Scroll down and select AutomationDirect.

Trace Parts 2

Step 3: Select a preferred Display mode.

Trace Parts 3

Step 4: Use any of several options for finding a Product Model. A few are listed here.


Option 1: Basic and Advanced Search
In order to search the entire AutomationDirect list of parts you must be at the AutomationDirect menu level. If at a lower level in the menu, the search will only look for results in the selected menu category.

Trace Parts 4

Basic Search

To do a Basic Search, enter a part number and hit enter. The result will take you directly to the product model and download screen.

Trace Parts 5

Trace Parts 6

Advanced Search

Selecting Advanced Search will allow you to search by a Title, which does a keyword search of the product descriptions, or you can search by Part Number.

Trace Parts 7

Option 2: Searching by Product Category
Searching by Product Category helps to narrow down the product list. While at the AutomationDirect main menu, select a Product Group, such as Motor Controls. Select a part by browsing through the product list or select by using the Part number drop down list.

Trace Parts 9

Trace Parts 10


Viewing the Model
The default viewing on the Model page shows a photo of the product. To view the model, select the 3D icon as shown.

Trace Parts 11

During preview, the model can be rotated and zoomed.

Trace Parts 12

Additional information can be found by clicking Product Info after selecting the page icon as highlighted in yellow.
This will redirect you to the AutomationDirect Web site for complete product information.


Downloading the 3D Model
Before downloading, a file type must be selected from the dropdown list. There are over 30 file formats to choose from.

Trace Parts 13

Once the file type has been selected, there are two means for downloading; Direct Download (download only the current model) or Add to a Download Center (download multiple models).

In order to complete the download, a User Account is required. Once the user account is established, an email address and password must be entered to continue with the download.

For a Direct Download, the files are placed in your Temporary Internet Files directory. It is recommended to open the file and save to a permanent location.

Trace Parts 14

When using the Download Center, files can be delivered by email or downloaded to the Temporary Internet Files directory.

Trace Parts 15

You can place one model or multiple models in the Download Center. Selecting the Download Center tab will display a list of queued models. Select the envelope icon to have the models emailed, or select the green icon to have them downloaded.

Trace Parts 16

Check back often for updates to the AutomationDirect 3D catalog at TraceParts as new models will continue to be added.

By Keri Schieber,

Originally Posted: Sept. 24, 2013