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Newsletter: Volume 17 – Issue 6

This issue of AutomationDirect.com’s newsletter focuses on safety for National Safety Month. Check out “5 Steps to Improve Machine Safety” and accesses some of our free whitepapers. Also, you can read about the vendor for our Crossfires Safety Eyewear, and don’t forget to check out the lighter side that features a Boss Alert video!

5 Steps to Improve Machine Safety

Every plant has machinery. Because of this, safety must be the top priority. Are your safety guidelines and procedures adequate? Maybe they need some tweaking. We have a simple 5-step way to make sure your machinery is safe and employees can focus more on productivity. Read the entire article>>


Electrical Arcs | White Paper 

As kids, we enjoyed sliding in our socks across the carpet only to touch our siblings to see the blue spark caused by the static. While that was fun, we do not want to see those sparks in our factories. Electrical arcs and how to prevent them are explained in this informative White Paper.
Download the white paper >>


 GS1 Series DC
   High-performance Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM) controllers for 12 to 48 volt equipment providing smooth control with high-efficiency operation.

ProSense FSA Series
ProSense line now includes flow transmitters. Starting at $140

 Full-Featured Soft Starters
Now Offering! … Stellar® soft starters now includes the SR55 series of solid-state soft starters to control three-phase AC induction motors.

Safety is in Your Hands

We are all pretty fond of our hands, eyes and limbs. You could say we’re attached to them. But, safety on the job is serious stuff. Light curtains, safety relays and trapped key systems are a few of the many options available to keep the safety of your employees and yourself a top priority.    Read more about safety options>> 

 Safety Relays | White Paper 

Without proper safety equipment in place on the factory floor, there could be times when you feel the machines are out to get you. Machines and robots require safety circuits to stop all or part of operation in the event of an emergency. Learn when to use multi-function safety relays here.
 Download safety relays white paper >>

Lighter Side – Boss Alert Video

We’ve shared a lot of useful information about safety. While safety in the workplace is highly important, did you know you can also have a little fun with safety equipment, too? Check out this video which shows how one of our employees maintains the safety of his employment.
We hope this video puts a smile on your face  >>

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