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Newsletter: Volume 18 – Issue 10

Happy Halloween! For the second issue of the fall season we have lined up some pretty good treats and a couple ways to help you avoid some tricks. First up for this issue is AutomationDirect’s 8 product selectors to help you determine which products fit your need, helping you to avoid over spending or being under equipped. And to help deter those long-distance tricks, the second article covers cellular remote access and how it is improving reliability and cutting costs. Our supplier profile for this issue covers Integra Enclosures and their expansive line of polycarbonate enclosures. For the people who prefer treats of data over candy, there are a pair of articles about acquiring data and improving process control. Finally, for those who prefer to automate their tricks we have a video on how to make your own Halloween box prop.

8 Product Selectors

Need Help Selecting a Product?

When it comes to selecting the proper product, you want to make sure you choose the one that best suits your application. Whether it’s a programmable controller, motion control devices, motors or more, we have the product selector tool to help take the guesswork out of the process. Check out the selector tools here

Stay Competitive with Cellular Remote Access

In the automation world, distant and often isolated sites require reliable remote access to cut costs and improve reliability. Remote access allows operators to access critical information and control systems in distant locations quickly and easily. Not only does remote monitoring save customers time and money, it also gives OEMs and developers a competitive edge. Learn more about cellular remote access

Supplier Profile- Integra Enclosures

In most any city, you see gray boxes becoming an ordinary part of the landscape. You see them attached to utility poles, along sidewalks, and near businesses and schools. These boxes are actually enclosures that protect wiring and electrical components vital to our ever-increasing automated world. But they are not confined within city limits. Read more about Integra Enclosures

Now Available 

ACME 3 Phase
Encapsulated Transformers

480 VAC to 208Y/120 VAC
transformers start at:

Self Adjusting
Crimping Tools

DN-FE crimp tools are $215.00

Small Timing Belts and Pulleys 
Timing belts start at $2.00 
Timing pulleys start at $5.25

White Paper- PLCs & PACs Simplify Data Acquisition

Today’s companies need detailed and timely information about process variables and production amounts, as well as alarms in real time. In the past, PLCs did not have the capabilities to provide such information, and PACs were not yet widely available. Modern PLCs and PACs perform basic data acquisition as part of real-time control tasks. Download the white paper

How to Improve Process Control by Automating Data Flow

Whether it’s a utility plant or a bio-dome, most processes consist of the machines, control systems and people used to transform raw materials into finished products. No matter what type of process you have, people make up a critical component, and the only way they can make good decisions is with good information. Read how to improve process control by automating data flow

DIY Halloween Box Video

Haunted houses are filled with props that could scare your heart still. When the props “come to life”, the thrill is even greater. If you’ve ever wanted to make something that would “scare the pants off someone”, here is just one idea of what you could do. Watch the DIY video to learn how to create a scary Halloween box.Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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