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Newsletter: Volume 18 – Issue 11

It’s giveaway time, just in time for the holidays! There are two giveaways in this month’s newsletter, so don’t miss out. There are also several informative articles you should check out. The first article gives you the top reasons to link to IT systems. Be sure to read the article “SCADA vs HMI” which can help you decide when you need a dedicated HMI vs SCADA system. We’re highlighting the new self-service returns tool which should be a big time-saver. It’s also time for the 2017 Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Awards. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite automation products. Whatever you do don’t miss these great giveaways!


2017 Control Engineering Award – Vote!

The election is over, but you can still vote…for AutomationDirect, that is. The 2017 Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice awards highlight some of the best new control, instrumentation and automation products as chosen by CE’s readers and online subscribers. The editors of Control Engineering have named two products from AutomationDirect and Koyo Electronics as Finalists. Control Engineering awards – Vote now!

Linking Machines to IT Systems

Once upon a time, individual machines were stranded on an island, or just linked to other machines using a few discrete I/O and dry contact relays. Then came machine-to-machine data links such as a proprietary PLC-based network. Today, and certainly in the future, machines are being linked to IT systems. But what are the benefits? Learn more about the benefits of linking to IT systems


SCADA systems used to be primarily for control and monitoring of complex distributed systems, such as in the oil and gas industry and utilities. Now that many embedded HMIs have remote access, mobile apps, data logging, HDMI outputs, USB ports, audio, and more, they are taking over functions that were traditionally SCADA system space. Read more on HMI and SCADA systems

Now Available 

Schmersal Control and Signaling Devices
 22mm control devices
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Productivity2000 Discrete and
Analog Modules

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Additional NITRA Pneumatics
Solenoid Valves

 Solenoid valves start at $18.00 

New NEMA 182TC or 184TC Frame Marathon Motors
starting as low as $152.50

Do-more T1H PLC/Terminator Field I/O Thermistor Module 
priced at $399.00 

Layered Security Goes Beyond Hardware in IIoT Implementations

Industry is certainly starting to take note of the IIoT, which raises cybersecurity issues because it requires connecting field devices and other automation system components to the outside world, often through the Internet. Connectivity capability is built into many automation components, typically via an Ethernet port, but can these connections be made secure? Read more on layer security

Check Out Our New Self-Service Returns Tool

With our new online Self-Service Returns tool, you can process 30-day and in-warranty product returns yourself. By providing basic information regarding your return, this easy-to-use tool begins the return process in just a few minutes. Upon receipt and verification of your information, a return authorization number will be sent to you via email or fax. Use the new self-servie returns tool and save yourself some time

PLC Giveaway! Are You Data-Driven?

We want to help you collect the system data you need to improve your bottom line. So we are offering you a chance to win a FREE Productivity2000 Starter Kit, valued at over $500! Enter between November 1st – December 2nd, 2016. One lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced on December 5th, 2016. Enter to win a Productivity2000 Starter Kit

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