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Newsletter: Volume 18 – Issue 6

This issue of AutomationDirect.com’s newsletter focuses on safety for National Safety Month. Check out “Switched on for Safety,” which describes safety switch types and deployment options. Also, you can read about our trapped key systems for machinery guarding as well as watch a quick overview video on our safety products. Plus, when you write a company or product review on AutomationDirect.com, your name will be automatically entered in a random drawing for the Apple iPad Mini 16GB. Better yet, the first 50 entries will receive a surprise style of safety glasses!


Switched on for Safety

Machine guarding protects the operator and other employees from hazards created by point-of-operation, pinch points, rotating machinery, flying debris and sparks. Too often, seemingly well-designed machines are rendered unsafe because plant operators disabled the safety switches.  But there are ways to remain switched on for safety. Read entire blog here

Supplier Profile – DOLD

Many organizations possess a long company history yet few are as compelling as E. Dold & Sohne, KG. Founded in Germany 88 years ago by Emil Dold, the company has weathered a devastating economic depression, a World War, the turbulent times of the late 20th Century, and the post-millennial technology boom. Read more about DOLD

U Can Do It – Industrial Safety

Safety in the workplace is an important factor for successful business. There is a wide variety of safety products available to not only keep your processes running smoothly but to also keep your employees safe and productive.  This brief video gives a quick overview of safety products offered through AutomationDirect. Watch the video on industrial safety products

Now Available 

IronHorse Helical Gearboxes
AutomationDirect’s IronHorse line of motor products now includes helical gearboxes which provide quiet startup and smooth operation.
NEMA 3R and 12 Enclosures
AutomationDirect has expanded its line of Hubbell Wiegmann enclosures with additional NEMA 3R and NEMA 12 models. 
AutomationDirect has launched Pneumatic.com. This in-depth site offers extensive information with interactive tools.

Lockout/Tagout and Machinery Guarding

In the U.S. and other parts of the world, many industrial and commercial facilities are required to follow strict lockout/tagout procedures designed to protect the lives of anyone with access to areas where machines are located. One simple and cost-efficient way to add an additional layer of protection is by using a “Trapped” key system.  Read the safety blog on Trapped Keys

 NEW – Interactive Panel

For over 20 years we’ve been helping panel builders cut project costs and deliver on time.  We know how to do this because many of us came from panel shops across the southeast United States. We’ve developed an interactive panel page to show customers like you that our products are as easy to find as they are to use. Check out the Interactive Panel

Write a Product Review for a Chance to Win an iPad

We know you love AutomationDirect’s products, and we want to give you a chance to win an Apple iPad Mini 16GB for telling us what you think about them! Beginning June 29th until July 31st, 2016  we are encouraging you to write a company or product review on AutomationDirect.com.When you do, your name will be automatically entered in a random drawing for the Apple iPad Mini 16GB. First 50 receive a FREE pair of safety glasses!

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