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Newsletter: Volume 18 – Issue 9

Ahhh…fall is finally here! In this first issue of the fall season we have some great articles on “The Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT). The first of these articles explains the basics of IIoT and hopefully helps you understand how close you are to achieving it. In the second IIoT article we in cooperation with CFE Media and Putman Media, surveyed a sample of both publishers’ readership to get answers to our data centric questions. There is also a great article on how AutomationDirect can help with all of your small-scale automation projects. Please enjoy this month’s newsletter and the cooler weather!

IIoT - How Close Are You?

IIoT – How Close Are You?

“The Industrial Internet of Things”…when you hear that term, what do you think? Now, some of you might be thinking, “Not another IIoT article!” or maybe, “I don’t need IIoT” or perhaps there are still a few of you that are wondering, “What is IIoT?” Well, when you get past all the buzz that is surrounding the IIoT trend and break it down to the basics, you’ll see that most of you are already there or are pretty darn close.Read more about IIoT here

Small-Scale Automation Projects

Small-Scale Automation Projects

It’s important to understand the issues involved with small-scale automation projects—the advantages and the drawbacks of different buying processes. In many cases, budgeting is the driving factor on small projects. This Control Engineering article tells how to get past time, money, and resource issues when executing small projects and specifying automation equipment and components. Learn how AutomationDirect can help with small-scale projects

HMI Remote-Monitoring Trends

HMI Remote-Monitoring Trends

Remote connectivity to plants, machines, and processes is growing in popularity, along with the Industrial Internet of Things, and there is no end in sight to this trend due to a variety of enabling technologies. Remote connectivity can be via either an internal local or an external remote network. Read more about HMI remote-monitoring trends

Now Available

Bimed Cable Glands
Bimed Cable Glands
Starting at $2.00 for a five-pack
Datalogic Contrast Print Mark Sensors
Datalogic Contrast Sensors
IP67-rated contrast sensors start at $130.00
Portable Cord Line Extention
Portable Cord Line Extension
Starting at $8.50 for a 20-foot reel
IIoT Survey Results

Data-driven Survey Result

With all the talk lately about Big Data and the IIoT, we got to thinking about how much of an impact these trends would have on our industry. We, AutomationDirect in cooperation with CFE Media and Putman Media, surveyed a sample of both publishers’ readership to get answers to our data centric questions. Check out the survey results


Walla Walla University

Student Spotlight – Walla Walla University 

What do you do when you can’t buy that thing you need? Why, you build it of course. That’s what a team of students at Walla Walla University did when they needed to grow vascular tissue for a bioengineering project and found existing solutions were not acceptable.Read how students use the P2000 and other AutomationDirect products to solve their problem


Dragon Con

Dragon Con 2016! 

It’s a normal, hot, summer day in downtown Atlanta. You’re walking down the sidewalk when someone passes you dressed as a Stormtrooper. Then you notice swarms of super heroes, video game characters, sci-fi heroes, elves and fairies. Then you realize it’s time for the annual Dragon Con. But what exactly is it? Learn more about Dragon Con and check out some of the cool costumes

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