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Newsletter: Volume 19 – Issue 10

Happy Halloween we have 2 treats this month , a contest and a giveaway!  There’s an article on how to select the correct enclosure for your project.  We have also included a SlideShare to help you select and size the right enclosure thermal management solution.  Check out the newest application story on how Affinity Energy Designed built and installed a research chamber temperature control system at UNC.  We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter. Don’t forget to enter the SapiSelco cable tie art contest and enter to win the Wera tool advent calendar!

Enclosure Thermal Management: Product Types and Selection Overview

In this SlideShare, you will learn about the different types of climate control, reasons for use, and how to select and size the right enclosure thermal management solution for your specific needs. View the SlideShare

SapiSelco Cable Tie Art Contest

Get your creative juices flowing and create a masterpiece with cable ties and any other material you can find, submit a photo and description of your creation and collect the most votes to win fun prizes! Enter the contest

Affinity Energy Designed, Built and Installed a Research Chamber Temperature Control System

Allan Evora, President of Affinity Energy, discusses in his article, Open system gives precise temperature control in the September 2017 issue of Control magazine, how Affinity Energy used AutomationDirect hardware to save time and money while replacing obsolete cold, warm and freezer chamber control systems. Read how the Do-more helped save time and money

Now Available

DURApulse AC Drives
starting at $422.00
Flexible Multi-Conductor Control Cable
starting at $50.00
Koyo incremental and absolute encoders
starting at $89.00
Gen 2 Linear Slide Actuators
starting at $789.00

What to Know When Selecting an Enclosure

NEMA enclosures house all kinds of electrical components from simple terminal blocks, to industrial automation systems, to high voltage switchgear. In industrial automation systems, NEMA enclosures often house motor controls, drives, PLC/PC control systems, pushbuttons, and termination systems. Some enclosures are shaped to be operator consoles. Help selecting the right enclosure

Making Cable Connections Worldwide

Positioned on a thin stretch of land in Turkey that connects Europe and Asia, there’s a company called Bimed Teknik Aletler that also makes connections. Although not geographical, Bimed’s connections provide protection for electrical cables and ensuring safety for companies and people throughout the world. Read more on Bimed

Wera Tool Advent Calendar Giveaway

Christmas is around the corner. That means it’s time for the Wera tool advent calendar giveaway! All you have to do is enter to win. Contest end November 17th, 2017, there will be a random drawing to choose the winners. Enter the giveaway

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