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Newsletter: Volume 19 – Issue 2

We are excited to announce our newest PLC, the BRX PLC has been added to the Do-more line. Take a moment to check out the BRX introduction video. This issue also includes several informative articles. The first of these articles is in a SlideShare on enclosure thermal management. There’s also a great article on a popular subject, how to select a motor for industrial applications. With the addition of the soft starter selector tool, highlighted in this issue, there are now 11 product selectors and configuration utilities to help you choose the right product. You can find these selector tools at www.AutomationDirect.com/selectors. Hope you enjoy this month’s issue!



Video – Introducing the New BRX PLC!
The new BRX PLC platform has been added to the Do-more line of programmable logic controllers. Starting at $199, the compact BRX PLCs offer outstanding features including built-in data logging, motion control, serial and Ethernet communication, an interchangeable (hot-swappable) communications port and integrated high-speed I/O. Support for EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU and TCP, ASCII and custom protocols is also included. Check out the new BRX Micro PLC!

Why Manage Climate in Electrical Enclosures?
Industrial facilities use many electrical enclosures to house and protect automation and electrical components. Learn more about how thermal management for your enclosure can save you downtime and money by protecting components, and how to select the right thermal management system for your specific needs. 
Check out the SlideShare

Selecting Motors for Industrial Applications
Efficient use of motors is always important, but there are many other things to consider when specifying an electric motor. Mechanical and environmental considerations are on the list, as is the application and operation. All of these factors are important, but the application is where the selection process should start. Learn how to select a motor

Now Available


New surge protection devices
Mersen’s Surge-Trap® Type 1
STXR series starting at

Digital pressure sensors
EPS series starting at

Split-core AC current

CTF series starting at

More low-cost NEC Class 2
power supplies
PSL series starting at


Premium efficiency IronHorse
AC motors
MTRP-series motors starting at

New powerful Micro PLC
BRX PLCs starting at

Need Help Selecting a Soft Starter?
Choose from a comprehensive list of over 40 popular soft starter applications, along with your motor voltage and size, then answer a few simple questions such as “Anticipated starts per hour”, “Ambient temperature”, etc. and the selector will provide suggestions for an appropriate soft starter. Add to your shopping cart, and purchase a correctly sized soft starter today. Try the soft starter selector tool

We Are Truly Honored!
Winners and Honorable Mentions have been announced for the 2017 Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice awards. On October 13, 2016, the editors of Control Engineering announced two products from AutomationDirect and Koyo Electronics as Engineers’ Choice Finalists. Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice awards

PLCs for Low-power RTU Wireless Control
You need to replace thousands of feet of underground low-voltage wiring that is run under residential housing in an established subdivision. What do you do? Why you go wireless of course. Which is exactly what system integrator RTUdirect did. See how they used solar-power and long-range spread spectrum radios to create a truly wireless solution. Read the entire application story here

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