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Newsletter Volume 20, Issue 6

This month at AutomationDirect has been focused on safety in honor of #NationalSafetyMonth! We’ve got a variety of articles for you covering many different areas of safety including NEMA ratings, circuit protection, push buttons and more! Don’t miss our video on ASO safety rails at the end. Stay cool and we’ll see you next month!

Newsletter Volume 20 Issue 6

NEMA rating is one of those standards that is at times misunderstood or even ignored. However, it is an important specification that must be considered when buying a NEMA rated product to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Read the entire article

Providing Circuit Protection For Safety

Properly protecting a system or equipment is a key step in reducing costly downtime and equipment damage. Learn more

Now Available

BRX PLC I/O Expansion Modules

starting at $134.00

Remote BRX
I/O controllersstarting at $11.50
Pneumatic Pushbuttons & Selector Switch Pilot Devices

NITRA pneumatic pushbutton operators start at $2.75



Through the years machines were improved with cover guards, shields, and designs requiring minimal operator access while in operation. However, one device became one of the most important devices for operator safety, the emergency stop pushbutton (a.k.a. e-stop). View the article
Surge protection is one of those terms we’ve heard throughout our lives. From cheap wall surge adapters, the very common outlet strip with surge protection, to higher priced outlet strips that promise to protect your valuable electronics from the evils of a power surge caused by lightning storms or voltage fluctuations. See how you can protect your devices 



Safety must always be the primary concern for industrial facilities, from protecting employees from accidental injuries to protecting equipment from serious damage, which in turn may result in costly downtime and repairs. Check out the importance of industrial safety devices



AutomationDirect has teamed with ASO GmbH who, since 1984, has been a leader in providing innovative ASO Safety Solution products such as safety edges, mats and specialized safety relays a CLICK PLC to perform a simple everyday task. Watch the video

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