Newsletter Volume 20, Issue 7

While some people take the summer off to relax, we’ve used it to launch new products, bring you new and exciting content and of course work on our tans 😎. Check out our new articles on ladder logic vs object oriented programming, how a wastewater treatment plant uses AutomationDirect products, brush up on Ethernet basics and more! Don’t forget our new products and check out the winners from our most recent contest. We’ll see you next month!

Newsletter Volume 20 Issue 7

Jerry Reaves, PLC silo product manager at AutomationDirect, wrote an article for the July 2018 issue of Control Engineering titled Comparing ladder logic and object oriented programming. In the article, he discussed how many young automation professionals are comfortable with object oriented programming (OOP), but Reaves says ladder logic remains the standard for industrial automation applications. Read the entire article

Automating Small-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plants

Any facility too isolated to connect to a larger sewer system—such as a school, office or retailer—will have to supply its own wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), which is where ITP comes in. Learn how they use AutomationDirect parts to keep waste management under control. Read the application story

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Ethernet is the most widely used network in industrial plants and facilities, here’s a primer covering its foundational concepts. View the article
The desire for remote access to plant floor PLCs, HMIs and other automation components is becoming a must-have feature for many manufacturing facilities and machine builders. For many applications, providing the desired level of cybersecurity requires more than just a router, namely a VPN. Read the article



With the popularity of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), industrial Ethernet applications are expanding. The IIoT is helping collect data on plant floors and is using Ethernet cables, connector and switches as key components. Check out the dos and don’ts



Our recent CLICK/C-more giveaway had an overwhelming response with over 200 entries and many, many great applications. It was nearly impossible to narrow the field to one winner – so we didn’t. Check out the winners