Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 11

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AutomationDirect’s HMI Handbook delves into the world of human machine interfacing with informative chapters on selecting, designing and installing HMIs. But that’s just the first half, the back half of the book focuses specifically on C-more HMIs with chapters covering how to use screen objects, how to configure events, simulation basics, recipe functions and so much more.

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Modern Controls Automate Rock Crushing

Simply put, CTC Crushing turns big rocks into small ones. As the leading supplier of aggregate and sand in the Las Vegas area, CTC recognized the need to upgrade its crushing plants to better support custom products. To modernize operations, speed product changeovers, and simplify controls, CTC partnered with InterConnecting Automation, an AutomationDirect system integrator, to perform the upgrades.

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Compact Thermoplastic and Halogen-Free Limit Switches

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Continuous Flexing Profinet Cable

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High Bus Voltage (AC Input) Stepper Drives and Motors

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Leadshine 2-phase Digital Stepper Drives

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Helical Bevel Gearboxes with Cast-Iron Frames

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How to Connect a Servo Motor Controller

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Integrated or Separate Safety Systems

Machine designers must consider many factors when deciding on safety system architectures for factory automation.
Factory equipment automation can be deemed a critical application, yet it is clear that properly designing the safety aspects are even more crucial.

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System Integrators Talk HMI Projects

There is a lot of truth in seeking wisdom from those who can claim they’ve been there and done that. In this “System Integrators Talk” segment, we queried our System Integrators Group on LinkedIn with a question on HMIs, and gathered their collective wisdom into one beneficial post.

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Mobile Industrial is the New Normal

Most plant floor workers already carry mobile devices, so using them to access, control and monitor equipment is a natural next step. Office workers commonly have one or more mobile devices close at hand, and the trend of companies endorsing a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy is growing. As mobile becomes blended for personal and business purposes, it is inevitable that industrial plant floor workers will continue to follow suit and use the technology for human-machine interface (HMI) control and monitoring of machines.

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Why a Headless HMI is Right for You

HMIs are no longer confined to the enclosure door! With the C-more EA9-RHMI headless HMI (human machine interface) you can display your factory floor data how and where you choose. The EA9-RHMI has all the powerful functionality of the C-more Touch Panel HMIs, without display size restrictions. This HDMI-enabled device works with televisions, monitors, projectors, and most any other HDMI display device of any size to display real-time operational data or messages.

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