Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 5

White Paper – Pneumatic Energy Efficiency

As electricity bills continue to rise due to new government mandates, manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities are making reducing energy consumption a priority. No company can afford to waste money by using machines or processes that consume too much energy. Since pneumatic systems are ubiquitous throughout manufacturing and can consume a large share of a plant’s power costs, ensuring they consume only the air required is extremely important.

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The Simplicity of Pneumatics

Just like electricity, natural gas and water, compressed air is often a required utility in manufacturing facilities. Although compressed air is a bit more expensive compared to electricity for industrial machinery applications, it has other advantages and is thus frequently used to drive mechanical motion.
This article focuses on why pneumatics is used to power linear motion, along with some of the basic pneumatic hardware required for these types of applications.

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Bulk Multi-Conductor Cable FAQ

Bulk multi-conductor cable is a convenient way to connect electrical power and signals.
Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bulk multi-conductor cable:
Why use a shielded cable?
What is the difference between cord and cable?
Why use VFD cable?
What does ‘Exposed Run’ mean?…

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White Paper – Basic Pneumatic Circuits

This white paper examines pneumatic design best practices, and then presents four basic pneumatic circuits commonly used in machine automation (Air Prep, Double-acting Cylinder, Continuous Cycling and Two-hand Control). While there are many variations, these pneumatic circuits combine basic pneumatic components to create functional and reliable pneumatic circuits.

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A Look into Factor 1 Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors, also known as prox sensors or prox switches, are solid-state non-contact devices used to sense the presence of metal. They are a great device to accurately sense physical presence in machine and equipment automation applications.
This article describes the two major prox switch types, and why the inductive type is preferred for machine sensing.

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