Newsletter Volume 21, Issue 9

Applying the Right Position Sensor

Many products are available in good, better, and best versions—and so it is with industrial positions sensors—with products ranging in functionality from basic general-purpose to enhanced mission-specific styles. The latter usually cost more but have additional features, and this article examines some criteria end-users should use when choosing the best sensor for their application.

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Knowing Your Limit Switches

When it comes to detecting position and presence in automated equipment, be sure to consider limit switch as choices available today are robust, and can provide high precision. While photo eyes and inductive switches are popular choices in many applications, precision limit switches can be a better option with repeatable accuracy less than a micron.

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Now Available

NewSentry PVC Enclosures from AttaBox

 starting at $13.00

Continuous Flexing Control Cable and Profibus-DP Cable

 Profibus cable starts at $1.46 / ft.

ProSense Vibration Fork Liquid Level Switches

 Fork Level Switches start at $137.00

PID Control Functionality for CLICK Ethernet PLCs

 starting at $183.00

HPS Sentinel Ventilated Transformers
(NEMA Rated)

 Starting at $1,235

ProSense Thermal Flow Sensors

 FTS series flow sensors start at $235

Selecting HMI Remote Access Options

Mobile human-machine interface (HMI) access has become a necessity for many industrial automation applications, with users expecting the same level of access whether they are remote or local. There are two typical methods for providing this access:

  • Standard router without VPN
  • Cloud-hosted VPN router

Although the cloud-hosted solution requires a subscription fee, it outperforms the standard solution with respect to security and features.

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StrideLinx Platform Security |White Paper

This whitepaper outlines StrideLinx’s approach to security for the StrideLinx Cloud platform and the associated router. StrideLinx’s security strategy is based on the CIA triad: a security management model for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Companies nationwide have already chosen the StrideLinx Cloud solution and with the rapid growth of platform users, it’s imperative that all customer data is kept secure following industry best practices.

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A Look into Factor 1 Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors, also known as prox sensors or prox switches, are solid-state non-contact devices used to sense the presence of metal. They are a great device to accurately sense physical presence in machine and equipment automation applications.

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Why a Headless HMI is Right for You

HMIs are no longer confined to the enclosure door! With the C-more EA9-RHMI headless HMI (human machine interface) you can display your factory floor data how and where you choose.
The EA9-RHMI has all the powerful functionality of the C-more Touch Panel HMIs, without display size restrictions. This HDMI-enabled device works with televisions, monitors, projectors, and most any other HDMI display device of any size to display real-time operational data or messages.

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