Newsletter Volume 22 Issue 10

Stack light Selector Tool“…

You need a 50mm, LED, 115VAC, audio-capable stack light with a 3 tier stack of blinking red, green and yellow elements that can be wall mounted. Confused where to start? No worries, configuring the perfect modular stack light system just got easy with our new WERMA 50mm stack light selector tool/configurator.Check out the selector tool

Making Returns Easy

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason your purchase doesn’t meet your expectations, we try our best to make it right and offer the easiest return process in the industry. In addition to our 30-day and in-warranty returns, we now provide return options  for items you no longer need that are beyond 30 days. Access our Product Returns from the link in the top banner of our store or from the “My Account” link in the navigation bar. Watch for future self-service enhancements and additional options as we continue our work towards a better online returns experience!Visit the product returns page

Now Available

ReeR Safety Light Curtains with Integrated Muting Functions
Starting at $748

Merz UL 508 Non-Fusible Disconnect Switches and Manual Motor Controllers
Starting at $15.25

Gladiator Series Circuit Breakers 
Starting at $13.00

More AcuAmp Current Transducers and Switches 
ACTH series current transducers priced at $169.00

WAGO Multi-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers
Multiple channel breakers start at $144.00

WERMA Visual and Audible Signal Beacons
Starting at $48.00

AutomationDirect Customer Community – Connect and Share
Learning from someone who has been there and done that is extremely valuable and numerous online forums have been created to help facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience. Our newest community is one of those places. A place where like-minded professionals can engage with each other and share knowledge, offer advice or exchange ideas.
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Patlite Stack Lights: Stacked Above the Rest
I remember years ago walking into a production facility and being intrigued by the processes taking place in each section of the production line. It was so interesting to see how things were shaped, packed, filled and more. Every step or section of the production line had a specific purpose that needed to be completed before the next step, until the end product was finished, tested and packaged. One of the things that always stood out, no matter where you were standing on the production line, was the numerous steady or flashing green, amber, red and other colored lights.
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Vote for AutomationDirect in 2021 Engineers’ Choice Awards
We need your vote! No, we are not referring to the upcoming US election but rather Control Engineering magazine’s 2021 Engineers’ Choice Awards. We are excited to announce that our P1AM-100 ProductivityOpen Arduino-compatible Controller has been selected as a Finalist for these prestigious awards in the Machine & Embedded Control – PLCs category. Winners will be determined by the number of votes received by the end of the year.
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ProductivityOpen Starter Kit Contest
Due to the Coronavirus lockdowns and the amount of television programs and movies available to binge on, many of us have become unwilling experts in cinema and sitcoms. So, let’s put that useless knowledge to the test. Enter our latest contest and use your expertise in television and movies for a chance to win a ProductivityOpen starter kit.
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