Newsletter Volume 22, Issue 7

“VFDs Expand Process Control Options”…

Industrial process plant workers involved with motor controls back in the 1980s may remember them as huge electrical apparatuses, with rudimentary control capabilities.Today’s AC motor drives, occasionally called inverters but most commonly known as variable frequency drives (VFDs), are far more advanced and suitable for almost any application.

Building an isolated RS-422/RS-485 shield for the ProductivityOpen controller

Glen Akins, Engineer and part time gadget builder, is back with another add-on for the P1AM-100 ProductivityOpen open-source controller. This time, Glen built an isolated RS-422/ RS-485 shield, loosely based on the Arduino MKR RS-485 shield but updated to use an ADM2582E 3.3 V isolated RS-485 transceiver from analog devices. This add-on gives RS-422 and R485 communication capabilities to the ProductivityOpen and can be housed inside the P1AM-PROTO prototyping enclosure.

Read more on Glen Akins’ blog site

Now Available

Linear Position Potentiometers 

 Starting at $146.00

Safety Light Curtain Mirrors & Protective Columns

 Starting at $383.00

Thermocouple Extension Wire and Cable

 Starting at $0.89 per ft.

SureMotion High Torque Drive/Timing Belts

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Current-Limiting UL 489 Miniature Circuit Breakers

NITRA Air Preparation Components

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Pneumatic Efficiency-Big Picture

Equipment operators and machine designers know pneumatic energy  is relatively inefficient compared with electrical systems, but pneumatics offer many advantages. Pneumatics are a powerful and reliable energy source, and they can be cost-effective as a shared resource.

Pneumatic Fitting Tips

Pneumatic equipment is rugged and reliable, but it does not last forever. A problem with a $2 fitting can take down an entire production line, but when there is trouble a knowledgeable technician can save the day. Properly identifying pneumatic fitting and component sizes, especially on older equipment, is easier with these tips.

Learn more about sizing pneumatic fittings

C-more HMI Software is now FREE to download

The C-more HMI programming software (EA9-PGMSW) is a user-friendly, Windows-based graphical editor for configuring all C-more EA9 HMI units.The C-more software provides numerous tools that will make your HMI development easy and effective. And the best part is you can now download it free of charge!

CAPTRON Pushbutton Sensor Switch Stress Test

CAPTRON capacitive pushbuttons are activated without pressure, using a hand or other parts of the body. Sealed in special resin, these switches provide extremely high resistance to harsh environmental conditions, vandalism or chemical solvents. These switches can withstand temperatures in the range of -196°C to +2600°C without losing reliability. This video was created to illustrate the ruggedness of CAPTRON’s sensors in a humorous manner.  Please do not attempt to duplicate these actions.