Newsletter Volume 22, Issue 8

“New! DURApulse GS20 Series High Performance AC Drives”…

The DURApulse GS20 Series of next generation
high-performance VFDs provide many standard and advanced functions in a compact reduced-size unit. The new GS20X series of AC drives is IP66/NEMA
4X rated for operation in harsh environments. AutomationDirect DURApulse GS20(X) drives
start at $135.00 and have a two-year warranty.

Embedded HMIs Do More With Less

Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are the way we interact with our phones, vehicles, automation systems, and more. Dedicated HMIs can do many of the same things as industrial PCs, often making them the best choice for automation applications. 

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Now Available

Single and Three-Phase SR35 Series Soft Starters 

 Starting at $387.00

Inductive Linear Position Transducers

 Starting at $299.00

DURApulse GS20 Series High Performance AC Drives

 Starting at $135.00

IDEM Non-Contact and Guard Locking RFID Coded Safety Switches 

 Starting at $142.00

Brass-Bodied NSF Approved Potable Water Solenoid Valves 

 Starting at $38.00

High Flex Continuous Flexing Control Cable

 Starting at $1.57 / ft.

Overlooked Safety Violations

Have you ever bypassed a safety device to save a few minutes? Then forget to un-bypass said safety device? While we sometimes say things like “safety first” or “safety is no accident”, and I’m sure you’ve heard, “safety is a choice”, there are times when safety details are overlooked. We have the best of intentions but can be negligent regarding full safety protocol.

PLCs Help the Show Go On

How does industrial automation play a leading role in show-biz scenery?
Industrial automation can play a role in many situations beyond typical machinery and manufacturing applications. For instance, theatres need automation technology to operate various scenery and lighting elements.

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Live Online PLC Training

Our training partner, Interconnecting Automation, has just rolled out their latest training option – live-lecture online training. With this option, you can attend live online PLC training classes and discussions from anywhere. These live sessions provide the same high-quality training as the in-person classes, directly to your home or office.  

Practical Guide to Electrical Enclosures for Industrial Applications

This Enclosures Handbook is a great resource for those new to enclosures, those looking for a refresh on NEMA ratings, or those looking for some helpful tips and tricks for choosing and maintaining their enclosure.