Newsletter Volume 22, Issue 9

“Linear Position Sensing Options”…

Automated industrial equipment often requires linear position sensing, and there are many choices ranging from economical to high precision.
Sensing the presence or absence of automated industrial equipment mechanisms is relatively straightforward. More difficult, however, is detecting linear motion and position over longer operating distances with sufficient accuracy. Designers need to be aware of several options to address applications ranging from small machines up to large outdoor gantry cranes.

Productivity PLCs – Certified to Meet Customers’ Needs

Our Productivity2000 and Productivity3000 PLCs have been used successfully over the years in many industries, even those that constantly evolve with new standards, techniques, and acceptable practices. One specific industry is the marine or maritime industry which includes yacht construction among other areas. To build a quality-certified vessel, a yacht builder can choose to apply certain rules and standards set forth by one of 12 major ship classification societies, all members of the International Association of Classification Societies.

Now Available

Contrinex Extended-Protection Safety Light Curtains 

 Starting at $495.00

IronHorse Farm Duty and Open Drip-Proof Motors

 Starting at $114.00

22-Gauge Machine
Tool Wire

 500 ft.Type MTW wire spools/reels start at $18.00

Sanitary 3-A Versions of RTDs and Transmitter Probes 

 ProSense Pt100 type RTD probes with sanitary connections starting at $94.00

Field and Panel Mount Loop-Powered
4 to 20mA Process Displays

 Starting at $132.00

3D CAD Now Available in over 60 Native File Formats

Engineers and designers can now download 3D CAD models and product datasheets of AutomationDirect products at and the TraceParts publishing network in over 60 native and neutral CAD and graphics formats. The native CAD applications supported with native files include Autodesk® Inventor®, Dassault Systèmes CATIA® and SOLIDWORKS®, PTC’s Creo® and Siemens NX® software and many more. 

Industrial Automation with a Mission

A student design team developed a PLC-based control system to safely automate a test stand and prove out an engine prior to rocket launch.
At the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, a group of determined students faced a technical task more challenging and with greater real-world implications than presented by typical homework or exams. They needed to safely test-fire an actual rocket engine to verify correct operation prior to launch.

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Crafting More Complete Customer Service

AutomationDirect products and services enabled an industrial calibration provider to deliver more services to help their clients save time and money.
Industrial calibration firm Gulf State Instruments (GSI) has a 20-year track record of helping their customers optimize operations. 

Win a STRIDE Pocket Portal and Sensor Package!

The STRIDE Pocket Portal is a low-cost wireless IIoT cloud data logger that connects industrial equipment and sensors to the cloud. We are currently running a YouTube giveaway where 5 lucky participants will be randomly chosen to win a Pocket Portal and their choice of one of 5 different sensors. Simply tell us how you would use a Pocket Portal for your application in the video comments and fill out the entry form before October 13th to be entered to win.