Newsletter Volume 23, Issue 2

PLCs Integrate Industrial Data to the Cloud“…
Not too long ago, the roles of industrial automation devices were relatively clear-cut. Simple sensors were wired to controllers, like PLCs, which in turn might be visualized by local HMIs. Today however there are many more options due to the availability of smart sensors, specialized controllers, and PLCs and HMIs with overlapping computing and communicating capabilities. 
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Solenoids Enable Equipment Automation
Designers often employ pneumatic components to create motion and force for equipment operation. Sometimes these systems are manually handled by operators. However, for any type of remote or automated operation, usually in conjunction with hardwiring or programmable logic controllers (PLCs), it becomes necessary to use solenoids of some sort to interface the automation with the pneumatics.
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Now Available

Hammond Data Communications Racks, Sanitary Enclosures, Miniature Cases, Wire Troughs and Wireways
Miniature cases start at $5.50

Code Handheld Barcode Scanners
Starting at $135.00

Dold Timer Relays
Starting at $28.00

NITRA Pneumatic Heavy Duty NFPA Tie Rod Cylinders (D2-Series)
Starting at $113.00

SureMotion LAHP Series Linear Actuators and Slides
Starting at $848.00

Helical Rack and Pinions
GAM Helical Racks Starting at $160.00

Monday Minute Video: WAGO Multi-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers
WAGO multi-channel circuit breakers are available in two, four and eight channels. These electronic circuit breakers monitor load current and reliably recognize overloads and short circuits on an output. Circuit breaker electronics permit brief current peaks and switch longer overloads off.
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Supplier Profile – Leadshine

Leadshine works with OEMs around the world in the electronics, semiconductor, textile, medical, packaging, lab automation, printing, robotics, machine tools, and new energy industries to develop innovative solutions for their motion control needs. The company manufactures a line of easy- to-use stepping drives and systems called the DM series.  Learn more 

GS20 and GS20X Drives Overview
The GS20 was introduced to not only replace the GS2 series VFD but to also fill the gap between the lower cost GS1 VFD and the GS3 that is on the higher end of features for a general-purpose VFD. As the features of the GS20 are outlined you will notice that there is an overlap between the GS20 and GS3 VFDs. Learn more

Automation Cookbook Object Detection VideoGet up to speed quickly on the different object detection methods available with this brief tutorial video. In this video you will learn the different types of sensing technologies, like limit switches and proximity sensors, their benefits and cost, and when to use each one.
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