Newsletter Volume 24 Issue 4

Product advice on easy, affordable modern control, IIoT implementation
Plant engineers, electrical technicians, machine builders are among the users who need industrial-grade automation platforms so they can create practical control systems and advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. Many of these projects are smaller-scale, perhaps 100 or fewer input/output (I/O) points, and these users require compact, capable, and connectable options that provide versatility and value. Some modern programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are targeting the needs of these users, advancing the possibilities for developing reliable automation and interconnectivity.
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Opening the Automation Door
Industrial automation components have many applications outside the factory. Home and hobbyist projects can be a great way for learning how to execute larger projects, while providing very useful results. A home project to upgrade a garage door system with an AutomationDirect PLC, HMI, and VFD made the equipment run better, added many functional features, and provided extensive visibility and diagnostics.
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Now Available

Bimed Cable Entry Systems and Cable Glands
Starting at $22.75

WAGO Pro2 Power Supplies and Dc-to-DC Converters
Starting at $160.00

Gefran Inclination Sensors
Starting at $189

Gladiator GCB Series Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Starting at $154.00

Acme Buck-Boost & Encapsulated Transformers
Starting at $154.00

Quabbin Comms Cable CTL
Starting at $154.00

Open-Source Controllers Now Fit for the Factory
AutomationDirect has listened to the needs of end users, systems integrators, OEMs, makers, and hobbyists everywhere and created the ProductivityOpen P1AM-100 Arduino MKRZero-compatible controller. The ProductivityOpen provides open-source flexibility in a form factor compatible with established I/O modules and suitable for any industrial project. 
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Supplier Profile: WON ST
Linear bearings and rails are used in industrial machinery and equipment with moving parts such as 3D printers, transport systems, machine tools, robots, and sliding doors or drawers. These small parts play a large role in many industrial applications including machine tool operation, electrical power generation, petroleum refinement, and natural gas handling.
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