Newsletter Volume 24 Issue 5

Open PLCs Boost HVAC Automation
AutomationDirect?s ProductivityOpen Arduino-compatible automation controller enabled this company to deliver reliable HVAC controls enhanced with modern computing capabilities.
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Supplier Profile: FATH
FATH GmbH was started as a family operation in 1989 by Werner Fath and sons Mirko Jan and Wido. Now, still managed by Mirko Jan and Wido, FATH has evolved into an international group with worldwide production and 350 employees.
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Now Available

Cut-to-Length Food and Beverage Rated Control Cable
Starting at $0.89/ft

Saginaw Enviro-Therm Series Enclosure Air Conditioners
Starting at $1,920.00

Additional Safety Mats, Edges, and Bumpers
Starting at $41.00

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SureFrame Cut-to-Length T-slotted Rails
Starting at $0.22/inch

Trumeter Graphical Panel Meters and Hour Meters/Counters
Starting at $70.00

General-Purpose, High-Performance, and Harsh-Duty AC Motors
New motor additions start at $277.00

Designing Enclosures to Keep Their Cool (and Hot)
There are a variety of solutions for heating, cooling, and dehumidifying electrical and control enclosure interiors to protect the components housed inside.
While some electrical and electronic devices can be used unprotected in the field, most are installed within enclosures to protect them from the elements. Designers need to provide these enclosures with the right environmental controls to maintain the interiors at the proper conditions.
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Cut To Length ? A Great Money Saving Solution!
If you work for any type of industrial facility, whether it?s Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Automotive or any other type, then you are constantly buying cables for new installations or repairs. If this is the case, a good design practice is to minimize the variety of types and colors to simplify ordering and reduce waste, which should result in cost savings and less down-time.
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DC Power Supplies WAGO Pro2 & RHINO brand
These high-efficiency WAGO Pro2 power supplies reduce losses, save cabinet space, and increase energy savings. With TopBoost, PowerBoost, and parameterizable overload behavior, WAGO Pro2 power supplies protect equipment and provide intelligent current and switching modes. The free configuration software includes long-term monitoring for maintenance and service, preventing costly downtime.
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