Product Pictures and Images | Web Tip

We are constantly striving to make shopping for industrial control products easier for you. One of the ways we do that is by providing numerous pictures and detailed images of our products on our web store for you to access 24/7. All so you can have more confidence when you purchase because you know exactly what you will get when your order is delivered. Check out some of our helpful image related features below:

Scroll Through the Media Gallery on Detailed Item Pages

Media Gallery IconWe think seeing is believing, which is why in the past few years we have really increased the number of photos shown for many of our part numbers. So the next time you are on a specific page for an item, look for the “Media Gallery” icon. That indicates there are extra photos and additional content available for that product. Just click the icon and it opens up a window with a listing of photos for you to scroll through. You’ll find alternate product angle photos, packaging pictures and “what’s in the box” images. Plus lot of our products have product information videos in addition to these extra photos such as how-tos, demonstrations, product overviews, and much more!




Know Exactly “What’s In The Box”

You also don’t have to play any guessing games when it comes to knowing what’s going to be included in the box when your product is delivered. That’s because we offer a visual and parts listing on many item pages showing exactly what you get with your purchase a specific part number.

For example, with the listing you will know when you are getting the mounting hardware, gaskets, filters, etc. you need to make your product “machine ready” right out of the box. So there is no need to delay your project because you are missing critical components.

Plus, when you scroll over the What’s in the Box image, it zooms in so you don’t miss any detail. Also where applicable, you can mouseover the (i) link to see Supplier information, including replacement part numbers and other relevant information about the manufacturer.


View FREE 3D Models of AutomationDirect Products

If you still are’t sure the product you are looking at will meet your industrial application needs after looking at the Media Gallery and the What’s in the Box features, then check out our free 3D models of the product. We have models available for the CLICK and Productivity3000 PLCs, C-more operator interfaces, RHINO power supplies, and GH Series motor contactors, overloads and more at The TraceParts Online CAD portal is freely available to millions of CAD users worldwide, offering a convenient way to download 3D models in the most popular file formats. This article explains exactly how to access all of our 3D models from TracePart’s Web site step by step.

If you don’t see a 3D model you’re looking for, please check back often for updates to the AutomationDirect 3D catalog at TraceParts as new models will continue to be added.