Product Pointers – April 2019

Featured Products


CLICK Ethernet PLC units
easily integrate into existing networks for a simple, cost effective control solution

STRIDE SE2 managed Ethernet switches
improve network performance and security levels with Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP management capability

Protos X field I/O
for the eXact I/O you need, eXactly where you need it

Koyo rotary encoders
in light, medium and heavy-duty versions with  resolutions up to 5000 ppr
Ethernet CPUs with 14 I/O starting at $131   starting at $436   I/O terminals starting at $34.50   starting at $86

Continuous flexing motor supply cable
is specifically designed, tested, and manufactured for continuous flexing, high mechanical load application requirements

Shaft mounted gearboxes
are made from the highest grade steel, case hardened and precision ground for lasting durability

Fuji IEC motor controls
include contactors, starters and overloads

Industrial monitors
for PCs in harsh environments
Cut-to-length; starting at $1.41/ft.   starting at $576   starting at $16   starting at $1,010

Industrial timers
Koyo and Fuji timer relays in standard and mini DIN sizes

UL 1008 manual transfer switches
provide safe manually operated transfer and disconnection of power sources even with on-load or under-load conditions

Multifunction power meters
are highly accurate and measure all the standard power parameters plus metering and harmonics

WERMA visual/audible signal devices
with light and sound variations, many mounting formats
starting at $39   priced at $286   starting at $214   starting at $15.50

Wenglor color sensors
reliably detect colored objects in automated high-speed processes

Level sensors, switches and controllers
include float switches, ultrasonics, remote level controllers and more

Sensor junction blocks
are 4 to 8-port units useful for sensor terminations

STEGO Filter Fan Plus cooling fans
provide economical cooling options for electrical/electronic enclosures
starting at $299   Switches starting at $11.50 Controllers at $198.00   starting at $47   starting at $60

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