Product Pointers

Product Pointers – April 2020

Featured Products

Productivity2000 series PLCs

are packed with features you’d pay thousands for elsewhere including built-in data logging and tag name programming 

C-more headless HMI 
has all the features of C-more Touch Panels w/o display size limitations; use with the FREE C-more mobile app or your choice of HDMI display device 

STRIDE Pocket Portal IIoT bridge
easily connects Modbus RTU-capable devices to the cloud for remote data monitoring and control

Attabox enclosures
are reliable, low-cost enclosures that provide excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

CPU priced at $273
w/ FREE software
priced at $399 priced at $99 w/
FREE data plan
starting at $13

IronHorse MTR2 series AC motors
offer better performance specifications, improved cosmetic appearance and quieter operation

Fuji IEC motor controls

include contactors, starters and overloads

STRIDE MQTT gateways
convert Modbus RTU/TCP signals to MQTT allowing older systems to easily communicate with IIoT networks

ProSense digital pressure gauges
are ideal for applications requiring accurate measurements up to 5000 psig with easy-to-read digital displays

starting at $89 starting at $16.50 starting at $215 priced at $105

Magnetic-inductive flow meters
reliably detect the flow rate of conductive media up to 160 gallons per minute

Cut-to-length cable
offered with DLO heavy duty, VFD, motor supply, control, power machine tray cables and more in one-foot increments from 10 or 20ft. to 5000ft. 

Wiring devices
include electrical plugs, connectors, receptacles and wire management products such as cord grips and strain relief

Solid state relays
in panel or DIN rail mount and hockey-puck styles, up to 75A

starting at $486 starting at $0.20/ft. Components sold separately starting at $15.50

Eaton UL 489 miniature circuit breakers
offer optimum and efficient protection for feeder, branch and control circuits up to 40 amps

Iboco rigid and flexible wire duct
is available in a variety of sizes and styles sold in 2m lengths or convenience packs

Konnect-It terminal blocks
for economical and reliable connections

Sapiselco cable ties
are self-extinguishing nylon cable ties available in various lengths, widths, and colors

starting at $20 starting at $6.50 starting at $0.26 (sold in multi-packs) starting at $1 (100 pcs)

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