Product Pointers – January 2019

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Featured Products

Productivity1000 Series PLCs
are the super-compact version of the Productivity PLC family with features you love including tag name programming and built-in data logging

C-more touch panels
provide complete system visibility and utmost cost savings for your interface needs

Stepper motors and drives
are high-torque, bipolar in NEMA sizes 14 to 34

Cut-to-length cable
offered with VFD, instrumentation, motor supply, control, power and communication cables in one-foot increments from 10 or 20ft. to 5000ft.

CPU priced at $171 starting at $472 Motors starting at $18.50 starting at $0.30/ft.

NITRA rotary actuators and grippers
accurately clamp and position parts for pick and place, material transfer, conveying, and many other applications

StrideLinx Premium Branding license
allows customization of the StrideLinx platform with a personalized URL and support contacts

ProSense digital pressure gauges
are ideal for applications requiring accurate measurements up to 5000 psig with easy-to-read digital displays

Industrial temperature switches
offer simple temperature monitoring and control with easy setup via mechanical adjustment dials

Grippers starting at $71 priced at $1,850 starting at $101 starting at $90

STRIDE Ethernet switches
are factory-hardened for industrial networks

Stopper limit switches
incorporate a mechanical stop along with the limit switch function, eliminating the need for a separate stop in many applications

Molded case circuit breakers (MCCB)
are UL 489 rated, from 15A to 800A

Flow transmitters
provide accurate flow data with a 4-20 mA output in three flow ranges up to 27GPM

priced at $76 starting at $34.50 starting at $190 starting at $143

IDEM safety limit switches
provide positively operated switching contacts to verify the position of machine elements or other moving parts for safety related purposes

Definite purpose contactors
are electrically activated switches designed for application-specific use offering compact load control to handle diverse switching needs

Fuji AR30 30mm pilot devices
include a wide selection of rugged yet economical switches, pushbuttons, buzzers, etc. with quick snap-on contact blocks

Self-adjusting crimping tools
are lightweight, compact, self-adjusting tools for crimping ferrules and wire end sleeves

starting at $21 starting at $7.50 starting at $12 starting at $100

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