Product Pointers

Product Pointers – January 2021

Featured Products

Productivity1000 series PLCs
are the super-compact version of the Productivity PLC family with features you love including tag name programming and built-in data logging
CPU starting at $180

C-more Micro touch panels
give you lots of options for a little price, with free programming software
Starting at $103

StrideLinx remote access
provides a secure cloud connection to remote machines for anytime, anywhere access
VPN routers starting at $369

3-phase soft starters
improve energy efficiency and reduce wear and tear on motors; available in basic, compact and full-featured models
Starting at $128

NITRA pneumatic air cylinders
in disposable, stainless, metric, compact, guided, NFPA, and ISO 15552 styles
Starting at $12

Configurable modular encoders
are advanced capacitive encoders with configurable pulses per revolution (PPR) used with stepper motors or many other applications
Starting at $24.25

Industrial timers
offered in ON/OFF time delay relay, digital timer relay and plug-in timer styles for simple time-based control
Starting at $27

Limit alarm modules
are easy-to-use, field configurable, analog-to-relay modules for system safeguarding
Starting at $98

UL 1008 manual transfer switches
provide safe manually operated transfer and disconnection of power sources even with on-load or under-load conditions

Starting at $313

Patlite pre-assembled stack light units
are available in 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 70mm, and 100mm diameter sizes with audible options and high intensity LED illumination
Starting at $67

Wenglor color sensors
reliably detect colored objects in automated high-speed processes
Starting at $318

Capacitive proximity sensors
sense metal and non-metal objects through insulating materials such as wood or plastic; available with sensing distances up to 40mm
Starting at $57

Sensor junction blocks
are 4 to 8-port units useful for sensor terminations
Starting at $49.50

Multifunction power meters
are highly accurate and measure all the standard power parameters plus metering and harmonics
Starting at $230

UL1077 supplementary protectors
for overcurrent protection, up to 63A
Starting at $11

High-torque synchronous drive belts
 have a curvilinear tooth profile with a much larger pulley contact area for improved performance
Starting at $5.50

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