Product Pointers – June 2019

Featured Products

CLICK low-cost controllers
now with high-speed functionality capable of
handling input pulse frequencies up to 100kHz

AC and DC drives
improve energy efficiency and equipment life

IronHorse MTR2 series AC motors
offer better performance specifications, improved cosmetic appearance and quieter operation

High-torque stepper motors
are industry-standard NEMA 14, 17, 23, and 34 rated, available in single and dual shaft versions

High-speed capable units starting at $131 starting at $62 starting at $85 starting at $18.50

NITRA Total Air Prep units (TAP)
are all-in-one air preparation units that are half the size and cost of conventional air preparation systems

AcuAMP split-core current transformers
are an easy-to-install, compact and cost-effective means of measuring AC current

Magnetic-inductive flow meters
reliably detect the flow rate of conductive media up to 160 gallons per minute

Continuous flexing Ethernet cable
is designed for constantly moving applications such as robotic arms, or when C-track is used

starting at $173 starting at $65 starting at $466 Cut-to-length starting at $0.60/ft.

Harsh-duty inductive proximity sensors
with Weld Splatter Resistant and Correction Factor 1 (K1) models available

Precision limit switches
are ultra-precise mechanical limit switches with repeatability down to 10, 5, 3, and 0.5 microns

Wiring devices
include plugs, receptacles, cord grips

Schmersal 22mm pilot devices
are IP69K rated, easy to install and easy to clean

K1 models
starting at $24.50
starting at $40 Components sold separately starting at $12.50

HydroMode potable water regulators
are economical, compact, food-grade pressure regulators for drinkable water

Hole cutting tools
include drill bits, hole saws, machine taps

Foot switches
in single and double foot operated styles

Sapiselco cable ties
are self-extinguishing nylon cable ties available in various lengths, widths, and colors

starting at $25.50 starting at $3.75 starting at $40 starting at $1 (100 pcs)

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