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Product Pointers – June 2021

Featured Products

CLICK low-cost controllers
offer easy, streamlined PID control (up to 8 process loops executing every 100ms) and an extremely user-friendly PID interface
Ethernet Analog PLC units starting at $191

C-more touch panels provide complete system visibility and utmost cost savings for your interface needs
Touchscreen models starting at $499 w/FREE software

WEG high-performance AC drives are affordable, super compact AC drives with a built-in PLC, and provide V/Hz or vector control up to 5hp
Starting at $139

Werma visual and audible signal devices offer EvoSignal visual and visual-audible signal devices in Mini, Midi and Maxi models with various voltages and mounting options
Starting at $48

STRIDE field I/O modules are a simple and economical means to connect control inputs and outputs to a Modbus TCP communications network
Starting at $139

AcuAmp current/voltage transducers and switches provide accurate current and voltage measurement and detection for single and 3-phase circuits
Current switches starting at $29.50

Limit alarm modules are easy-to-use, field configurable, analog-to-relay modules for system safeguarding
Starting at $98

Panel interface connectors available with single, duplex or GFCI power outlets plus communication ports
Starting at $53

WAGO multi-channel electronic circuit breakers electronically monitor load current for overloads and short circuits, save space and time, protect circuits intelligently in 2-8 channel models
Starting at $143

Merz UL 508 non-fusible disconnect switches are enclosed and non-enclosed UL 508 / UL 60947 600VAC manual motor controller switches available in NEMA/UL Type 1, 3R, 4, 4X ratings
Starting at $16

NITRA rotary actuators and grippers accurately clamp and position parts for pick and place, material transfer, conveying, and many other applications
Grippers starting at $76

Schmersal IP69K rated joysticks are designed to prevent cross contamination in food processing, and are suitable for pharmaceutical and medical applications
Starting at $85 

ReeR safety light curtains with integrated muting functions  are access control barriers available in sender/receiver pairs and active/passive versions
Starting at $748 for sender/receiver pair

Gladiator series miniature circuit breakers provide optimum protection for branch and control circuits up to 63 amps, available in B, C and D trip curves and are UL 489 compliant
Starting at $13

Foot switches in single and double foot operated styles
Starting at $43

WERA screwdrivers include insulated, miniature, chisel and standard, all quality made with supreme ease of use
Starting at $2.75

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