Product Pointers

Product Pointers June 2024

Featured Products

Productivity2000 series PLCs
are packed with features you’d pay thousands for elsewhere including built-in data logging and tag name programming 
CPUs starting at $299 w/FREE software

ProSense T30R series timer relays
are rugged timer relays featuring a high 30A SPDT output contact that controls loads without requiring a separate contactor.
starting at $49

C-More CM5 HMI
offers lower cost, high-performance HMIs in sizes from 4 inches to an impressive 22 inches. They provide an amazing 1.6 GHz processor in the larger units (10″ and above) and 90 Mbytes of memory
starting at $340 w/ FREE software

Marathon Electric motors, 1/4 to 200 hp
for general purpose, inverter-duty, vector-duty, jet pump, and washdown applications
starting at $175

Wenglor color sensors
reliably detect colored objects in automated high-speed processes
starting at $372

Pneumatic Automation Link (PAL) 
is an electro-pneumatic system that can contain electrical I/O as well as a solenoid valve bank
Solenoid valves start at $33.50

RHINO PSRP series power supplies
offer a sleek, space-saving design with push-in type connectors and a rugged aluminum housing
starting at $156

Fuji AR22 series 22mm pilot devices
are rugged, economical, and include a wide assortment of operator and indicator styles
starting at $11

Peninsular hydraulic cylinders
are double-acting cylinders that are interchangeable with all NFPA hydraulic cylinders, offered with bore sizes from 1-1/2 to 4 inches, and stroke lengths up to 24 inches
starting at $428

WERMA eSIGN series LED signal towers
are available in 9- and 15-tier models, feature a variety of customizable operating modes and lighting effects
starting at $407

Code barcode scanners
allow a 1-dimensional barcode, 2-dimensional QR code, or other marking to be read, decoded, and converted to a usable format
starting at $153

STELLAR SR35 soft starters
are fully digital, offered in three frame sizes to control 1- and 3-phase AC induction motors, and provide overload and SCR failure protection
starting at $497

Fath T-slotted hardware components
include 4-axis workstations components that are compatible with many brands of T-slotted rails including SureFrame rails
starting at $2

LS Electric L7P servo systems
are an intermediate-level servo system that has all the features of our basic L7C series servos, but with a larger range of system sizes and the option for 460 VAC operation
Motors start at $273

Integra polycarbonate enclosures 
are engineered for durability and impact resistance
starting at $46

Hole cutting tools
include drill bits, hole saws, machine taps
starting at $4.25

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