Product Pointers – March 2019

Featured Products


Productivity3000 high-performance controller
provides 50MB of user memory, seven communications ports with EtherNet/IP support and is fully expandable up to 59,840 I/O points

ViewMarq LED message displays
with easily configured messages and FREE configuration software

3-phase soft starters
improve energy efficiency of motor control

Marathon electric motors, 1/4 to 100 hp
for inverter-duty, vector-duty, jet pump and washdown applications
CPUs starting at $425   starting at $442   starting at $121   starting at $159

Integrated stepper motors/drives
combine high-performance microstepping drives with high-torque stepper motors to provide simple and accurate position and velocity control

NITRA pneumatic air cylinders
in disposable, stainless,
metric, compact, guided,
NFPA,and ISO 15552  styles

High-density 6mm signal conditioners
provide conversion of standard voltage/current signals, bipolar signals, thermocouples/RTDs, with isolation to eliminate ground loop problems

Safety mats and edges
prevent bodily harm and machine damage by detecting  the presence of personnel in dangerous areas
starting at $98   starting at $11.50   starting at $70.00   Edges starting at $36.50

Proximity sensors
in inductive, capacitive, magnetic and ultrasonic styles

AcuAMP voltage transducers
deliver high performance voltage detection in AC and DC circuits

Wide area sensors
use multi-beam arrays of photoeyes  to detect object presence within wide areas

Acme electric 3-phase transformers
are dry-type encapsulated NEMA 3R transformers  excellent for dust or lint-laden environments
starting at $14   priced at $137   Sender/reciever pairs  starting at $203   starting at $455

Patlite pre-assembled stack light units
are available in 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 70mm diameter sizes with high intensity LED illumination for enhanced visibility

Solid state relays
in DIN rail mount and hockey-puck styles, up to 75A

Enclosure deep-hinged doors
provide a degree of protection for HMIs or other operator interface devices that are installed on electrical enclosures

Konnect-It terminal blocks
for economical and reliable connections
starting at $80   starting at $16.50   starting at $363   starting at $0.30 (sold in multi-packs)

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