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Product Pointers – March 2021

Featured Products

ProductivityOpen open-sourcecontrollerhas all the great features of a standard Arduino plus the added power and reliability of an industrial controller  
CPU priced at $49

STELLAR SR35 soft startersare fully digital, offered in three frame sizes to control 1- and 3- phase AC induction motors, and provide overload and SCR failure protection
Starting at $387

Pneumatic pushbutton values and operatorsare used to create manual value assemblies, or hybrid electro-pneumatic actuators
Starting at $2.75

AcuAMP solid core current transformersare an easy-to-install, compact and cost-effective means of measuring AC current 
Starting at $17

Fuji IEC motor controlsinclude contactors, starters and overloads
Starting at $17

Enclosure thermoelectric coolershave cooling capacities that range from 170 to 680 BTU/H (50W to 200W) and can operate effectively in dusty and oily environments
Starting at $649

Inductive linear position transducersaccurately convert the linear displacement of an object into a proportional electrical signal output of 0-10V or 4-20mA 
Starting at $299

RHINO low-cost DC switching power suppilesemploy a highly efficient regulator that generates the DC power conversion with lower heat dissipation than traditional methods
Starting at $19

ProSense digital pressure gauges are ideal for applications requiring accurate measurements up to 5000 psig with easy-to-read digital displays Starting at $109

ProSense universal signal conditionsaccept temperature, resistance, potentiometer, mA or voltage inputs, with programmable current, voltage and/or relay outputs
Starting at $157

Eaton UL 489 miniature circuit breakers offer optimum and efficient protection for feeder, branch and control circuits up to 40 amps
Starting at $14.50

IDEM safety limit switches provide positively operated switching contacts to verify the position of machine elements or other moving parts for safety related purposes
Starting at $21.50

1-phase open core control transformers are designed for voltage conversion applications with high inrush that require reliable output voltage stability
Starting at $30.50

Field wireable connectors  include M8 and M12 IDC connectors and T-couplers
Starting at $7.75

DYMO XTL series industrial label printers simplify industrial labeling with a large, viewable screen, intuitive controls, and a wide range of functions
Starting at $209

Hole cutting tools include drill bits, hole saws, machine taps
Starting at $4

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