Product Pointers

Product Pointers – November 2021

Featured Products

ProductivityOpen open-source controller
has all the great features of a standard Arduino plus the added power and reliability of an industrial controller
CPU priced at $52

ViewMarq LED message displays
with easily configured messages and FREE configuration software
starting at $553

WEG  AC microdrives
are affordable, super compact AC drives with a built-in PLC, and provide V/Hz or vector control up to 5hp
starting at $121

Penumatic Automation Link (PAL)
is an electro-pneumatic system that can contain electrical I/O as well as a solenoid valve bank
solenoid valves start at $32

Integrated stepper motors/drives
combine high-performance microstepping drives with high-torque stepper motors to provide simple and accurate position and velocity control
starting at $104

Schmersal 30mm pushbuttons
provide simple operator controls and indication for industrial and commercial applications and are rugged,  IP65-rated devices
starting at $18

WAGO multi-channel electronic circuit breakers
electronically monitor load current for overloads and short circuits, save space and time, protect circuits intelligently in 2-8 channel models
starting at $143

ProSense digital pressure gauges
are ideal for applications requiring accurate measurements up to 5000 psig with easy-to-read digital displays
starting at $109

Flowline reflective ultrasonic level sensors
 provide reliable level measurement in condensing environments for applications that encounter weakening signal strength and reliability
starting at $427

Schmersal two-hand control panels
are used with a two-hand monitoring relay and require an operator to use both hands at the same time when initiating a hazardous operation
panels start at $147

Lutze Siliflex servo cable
is designed for servo drive and motor connects that is ideal for harsh environments and can be used for most stationary servo motor applications
starting at $2.99/foot

HydroMode polyester reinforced PVC hose
are an economical solution for potable water and beverage applications
starting at $22.50 for 100 foot package

Wenglor dark and shiny object detection photoelectric sensors
detect the presence of objects that other sensors fail to detect or erroneously detect multiple times because they are either very dark or shiny
starting at $91

Hammond 3-phase distribution transformers
feature an advanced core and coil construction that provides higher efficiency to meet the latest DOE and NRCan standards; rated up to 75kVA
starting at $1,272

Direct Wire ALL-FLEX MTW/THHW Heavy-duty flexible power cable
is 1kV rated cable used for industrial application power feeds for control panels, variable frequency drives (VFDs) and servo systems
starting at $0.64/foot

Southwire SIMpull fish tape
makes pulling wire or cable through a filled or empty conduit up to 2 inches in diameter easy through EMT, IMC, Rigid or PVC conduit
starting at $61

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