Product Pointers

Product Pointers – October 2020

Featured Products

BRX micro PLC units
offer outstanding features including built-in data logging, universal analog and temperature I/O, motion control and customizable communication 
MPU starting at $197

DURApulse GS4 series AC drives
in sizes up to 300Hp with V/Hz or sensorless vector control, 100kA Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR), and a built-in logic controller  
Starting at $446 

NITRA Total Air Prep units (TAP)
are all-in-one air preparation units that are half the size and cost of conventional air preparation systems 
Starting at $181

STRIDE Pocket Portal IIoT bridge
easily connects analog inputs, discrete I/O and/or  Modbus RTU-capable devices to the cloud for remote data monitoring and control
 Priced at $99 

High bus voltage stepper systems
feature a stepper drive powered from 90 to 240 VAC with a 340VDC bus and bipolar stepping motors designed to withstand high voltages
Motors starting at $57

Protos X field I/O
for the eXact I/O you need, eXactly where you need it 
I/O terminals starting at $36 

ProSense vibration fork level switches
are ideal for applications where conductivity, turbulence, buildup, air bubbles, foam, pressure, temperature, and viscosity changes are an issue 
Starting at $137

ProSense air differential pressure gauges
are used to measure and display differences in air pressure between two reference points in inches of water 
Priced at $48 

OPT fiber photoelectric sensors
feature a large working range, transparent object detection and I/O-Link compatibility 
Starting at $84 

High-density 6mm signal conditioners
provide conversion of standard voltage/current signals, bipolar signals, thermocouples/RTDs, with isolation to eliminate ground loop problems 
Starting at $73 

Molded case circuit breakers
are UL 489 rated for feeder and branch circuit overcurrent protection 
Starting at $198 

Special purpose relays
include phase monitoring, alternating, pump seal failure and intinsically safe relays for voltage fault detection, load sharing, seal monitoring and HazLoc operation 
Alternating relays starting at $24 

AC line reactors and output filters
protect VFDs and motors from harmful current and voltage spikes and reduce voltage wave reflections in long motor cable runs 
AC line reactors starting at $48 

Patlite pre-assembled stack light units
are available in 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 70mm and 100mm diameter sizes with high intensity LED illumination for enhanced visibility 
Starting at $65 

Speed/standstill safety relay modules
reliably detect overspeed, underspeed and/or standstill conditions for single- or three-phase motors 
Speed monitoring relays starting at $295

DYMO XTL series industrial label printers
simplify industrial labeling with a large, viewable screen, intuitive controls, and a wide range of functions 
Starting at $209 

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