Product Pointers

Product Pointers – September 2020

Featured Products


CLICK low-cost controllers

now offer higher amperage relay output modules and an 8-point input simulator module

C-more touch panels
provide complete system visibility and utmost
cost savings for your interface needs


StrideLinx remote access 
provides a secure cloud connection to remote machines for anytime, anywhere access


IronHorse premium-efficiency AC motors
are offered in T-Frame (1 to 300 hp) and
TC-Frame/C-Face (1 to 30 hp) with 1200, 1800, and 3600 RPM options 

PLC units starting at $69   Touchscreen models
starting at $487
  VPN routers starting at $369   starting at $186

High-quality servo motors and drives
with eight standard motors and three drive options for a complete servo system


NITRA HDPE (high density polyethylene) 
filter elements

in 40-micron and 5-micron sizes for use with NITRA AF-series Filters and AFR-series Filter Regulators 

Industrial temperature switches
offer simple temperature monitoring and control with easy setup via mechanical adjustment dials


SureMotion linear slides and actuators
provide smooth, precise and durable linear motion with low maintenance

Components sold separately   starting at $1.25   starting at $94   Actuators starting at $853

Force-guided relays
use mechanically linked contacts to ensure that all contacts move simultaneously and cannot all be closed at the same time


Safety mats and edges
prevent bodily harm and machine damage by detecting  the presence of personnel in dangerous areas 


Cut-to-length cable
offered with DLO heavy duty, VFD, motor supply, flexible control, power cables and more in one-foot increments from 10 or 20ft. to 5000ft. 


NS-series NSF certified water valves
are NSF, CE, CSA, UL recognized and NEMA 4/4X protected, perfect for food and beverage grade potable water applications

starting at $13   Edges starting at $22   starting at $0.20/ft.   starting at $85

Bimed plastic cable glands
offer corrosion-resistant cable entry into enclosures while providing strain relief and maintaining enclosure integrity


Field wireable connectors
include Mini, M8 and M12 IDC connectors and T-couplers


DINnector terminal blocks
are full-featured terminal blocks designed to meet the demands of an industrial environment


Hole cutting tools
include drill bits, hole saws, machine taps

starting at $2 (qty. 5)    starting at $7.50   starting at $0.43 (sold in multi-packs)   starting at $4

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