Productivity2000| Product of the Year Finalist

2015 marks the 28th anniversary of the Product of the Year award program for PLANT ENGINEERING magazine. This year the readers have once again selected outstanding new products that help them do their jobs smarter, more efficiently and more productively. And, according to the editor Bob Vavra, the competition is a time to “evaluate your own needs within the plant to see what areas of your operation need improvement.” The Product of the Year competition is a celebration of all that is new and innovative in product development as judged by qualified print and/or digital subscribers of the publication.

PLANT ENGINEERING has announced the finalists in their Product of the Year award program for 2015, and it is with great excitement that AutomationDirect was announced as a finalist. AutomationDirect’s Productivity 2000® was selected in the Automation and Controls category of products.



Launched in April 2015, the Productivity2000 is the newest addition to the Productivity family of controllers and already a favorite among customers. Known for its robust capabilities and compact design, the controller boasts many impressive features such as tag name programming, auto-discovered hardware including VFD’s, and much more.



Voting is only open to qualified subscribers of PLANT ENGINEERING magazine and only one vote per subscriber will be counted towards the final tally of winners. Voting begins November 12, 2015, and will conclude on Friday, January 8, 2016. Winners are announced online and in the April issue of PLANT ENGINEERING magazine.



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