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Safety, It’s Not Just Common Sense

Do you need to protect the machinery and personnel in your manufacturing facility? According to OSHA’s website, machinery and machine Guarding was the 9th most frequently cited standard violated during the fiscal year 2018. Not only can this result in a costly fine, but injuries and fatalities can also occur by ignoring this. These are uncomfortable statistics to discuss and hard to accept emotionally. Not only do the workers and families affected by workplace incidents have to deal with this pain it also will hurt your bottom line when morale is low and downtime is increased. We certainly don’t want to think about the legal costs associated with any of these incidents either.

The good news is that many of these incidents can be prevented and citations for OSHA violations can be outright avoided by protecting your equipment properly. Learn more about this safety issue and more as you follow along with our #SummerSafety series.

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