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AutomationDirect’s eBooks

Here is a collection of AutomationDirect’s eBooks filled with information and references to deepen your understanding of everyday industrial automation topics. Whether you’re an industry beginner or have years of experience in the field, we guarantee there is something of value for you in these e-Books!

Practical Guide to Pneumatics









This eBook is for users who wish to advance their pneumatic knowledge. It covers a wide range of topics such as circuit symbols, component capability, integrating pneumatics with controls as well as improving pneumatic efficiency.

What’s Inside:

  • Why Use Pneumatics
  • Circuit Symbols Explained
  • Electro Pneumatic Systems in Action
  • Energy Efficient Pneumatic Systems
  • And much more!

Plus a collection of pneumatic application stories to see what others are doing with their pneumatic components to inspire you!

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PLC Handbook










This easy-to-read eBook is for users who wish to learn how to do more with their PLC or simply refresh their understanding. It covers the basics and dives into ladder logic, PID loops, communication protocols, and motion control.

What’s Inside:

  • Chapter 1 – What is a PLC
  • Chapter 2 – History of the PLC
  • Chapter 3 – How to Choose a Controller
  • Chapter 4 – PLC Hardware
  • Chapter 5 – PLC Software
  • Chapter 6 – Practical PLC Topics

Along with a collection of PLC application stories to see what others are doing with their PLCs to inspire you!

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An Industry Guide to Control System Engineering


This eBook is a general guide on the specification, design and installation of automated control systems. Whether an expert or a novice at electrical control devices and systems, the information presented should give you a check list to use in the steps to implementing an automated control system.

  • Chapter 1 – Consider Safety First
  • Chapter 2 – Identifying Processes for Automation
  • Chapter 3 – Specify Devices
  • Chapter 4 – Design
  • Chapter 5 – Build
  • Chapter 6 – Install and Start-up
  • Chapter 7 – Maintain

Plus additional resources like a PLC selection guide, equipment specification template, a maintenance check list template and much more!

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