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  • Automating Nehemiah Manufacturing

    Automating Nehemiah Manufacturing

    Using AutomationDirect hardware and software, this company self-performed automation work to meet their needs and ready their team for the future. At Nehemiah Manufacturing in Cincinnati, OH, the core work is producing consumer products such as detergents and cleaners, but the company also supports the community by employing those who need a second chance. Writing … Read More

  • Water Utility Improves Operations with Standardized Automation

    Water Utility Improves Operations with Standardized Automation

    See how a water utility standardized around AutomationDirect products to improve operations while saving time and money. A team of operations, maintenance, and engineering personnel at Helix Water District in San Diego, CA has retrofitted and constructed many sites using automation hardware and best practices based on AutomationDirect products. David Reagan wrote an article with … Read More

  • Roller Coaster Overhaul

    Roller Coaster Overhaul

    Automated Integration replaced many relays, an old PLC and what seemed like miles of wire when it upgraded the control and safety system on the Hurricane roller coaster in New Mexico. By Manny Salazar, Manager, Automated Integration, LLC. The Hurricane roller coaster was purchased from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in California, where it was originally … Read More


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