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  • Crafting More Complete Customer Service

    Crafting More Complete Customer Service

    AutomationDirect products and services enabled an industrial calibration provider to deliver more services to help their clients save time and money. Industrial calibration firm Gulf State Instruments (GSI) has a 20-year track record of helping their customers optimize operations. In this success story published in the July edition of Control magazine, titled Gulf States Instruments … Read More

  • PLCs Help the Show Go On

    PLCs Help the Show Go On

    How industrial automation plays a leading role in show-biz scenery. In February 2020, Control Design posted a website article by Ryan Poethke of Showman Fabricators, titled Motor Control When Hanging From The Ceiling. Here’s a summary, click on the link above for the full text. Industrial automation can play a role in many situations beyond … Read More

  • Automating the Hendrick’s Gin Grand Garnisher

    Automating the Hendrick’s Gin Grand Garnisher

    The Grand Garnisher has been turning heads as it tours the United States and Europe. AutomationDirect hardware and software automation underpins the attractive, steampunk contraption. By Stuart Ostroff, Salmon Studios Picture this: you are in the back garden of the grand duke’s estate, enjoying social hour with great company, a botanical cocktail in your hand. … Read More


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