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  • Integrated Stepper Motors and Drives from AutomationDirect

    Integrated Stepper Motors and Drives from AutomationDirect

    AutomationDirect has added Integrated stepper motors and drives to its SureStep line of stepper motion control products. Integrated stepper motor/drives save panel space, require less wiring and are less expensive. The new SureStep integrated drive/motor units provide accurate micro-stepping position and speed control for smooth motion and step response and require only 2 components, power … Read More

  • High Density Process Signal Conditioners from AutomationDirect

    High Density Process Signal Conditioners from AutomationDirect

    High density process signal conditioners (narrow width) have been added to the AutomationDirect process measurement and controls lineup. ProSense® SC6 Series signal conditioners are housed in a narrow 6mm width package that allows high density mounting on a 35mm DIN rail to optimize panel space. Models are available for conversion of standard DC voltage and current … Read More

  • More Enclosures including HMI Window Door Kits from AutomationDirect

    More Enclosures including HMI Window Door Kits from AutomationDirect

    AutomationDirect has expanded its extensive enclosures offering to include additional double door freestanding enclosures with removable hinge pins, stainless steel screw cover junction box enclosures, polycarbonate pushbutton enclosures, and new deep hinged window door kits in painted and stainless steel. Universal deep-hinged doors with concealed hinges offer a viewing window for clear visibility and are … Read More

  • Ethernet Basics

    Ethernet Basics

    Ethernet is the most widely used network in industrial plants and facilities, here’s a primer covering its foundational concepts. By: Bill Dehner, AutomationDirect Ethernet was first conceived and deployed in a research setting in the 1970s and was soon standardized in the early 1980s under IEEE 802.3. This quickly led to commercial adoption in office … Read More

  • What Is a Proximity Sensor? | AutomationDirect

    What Is a Proximity Sensor? | AutomationDirect

    What is a Proximity Sensor? Proximity sensors allow non-contact detection of objects. In particular the presence of parts and/or machine elements for the purpose of counting, indexing, verification, end-of-stroke or travel, determining orientation, and many other common automation tasks. They are used in many industries, including manufacturing, robotics, semiconductor, etc. Selection Criteria There are several types of proximity … Read More

  • Automating Small-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Automating Small-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Gary H. Lucas, Director of Innovation at Innovative Treatment Products, wrote an article that ran in the July 2018 issue of Control Design magazine titled Wastewater Treatment Plants Can Be Built for Small-Scale Applications. Any facility too isolated to connect to a larger sewer system—such as a school, office or retailer—will have to supply its … Read More

  • Get the Answers You Need from Your Machines

    Get the Answers You Need from Your Machines

    The journey from theory to reality can be fraught with the unexpected and not as clear-cut as it seems on paper. Even the most direct path from concept to completion can have external influences, that might seem irrelevant at the time or might not be known at all, which can cause undesirable results in the … Read More

  • Newsletter Volume 20, Issue 6

    Newsletter Volume 20, Issue 6

    This month at AutomationDirect has been all about safety in honor of #NationalSafetyMonth! We’ve got a variety of articles for you covering many different areas of safety including NEMA ratings, circuit protection, push buttons and more! Don’t miss our video on ASO safety rails at the end. Stay cool and we’ll see you next month! … Read More

  • Product Pointers – June 2018

    Product Pointers – June 2018

    Featured Products Productivity2000 series PLCs are packed with features you’d pay thousands for elsewhere including built-in data logging and tag name programming DURApulse GS4 series AC drives in sizes up to 300hp with V/Hz or sensorless vector control, 100kA Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR), and a built-in logic controller C-more micro touch panels give you … Read More

  • CLICK & C-more Contest Winner Reveal

    CLICK & C-more Contest Winner Reveal

    Wow! Our recent CLICK/C-more giveaway had an overwhelming response with over 200 entries and many, many great applications. It was nearly impossible to narrow the field to one winner – so we didn’t. We decided to choose two lucky winners along with our top ten favorites. The two Grand Prize winners received a CLICK of … Read More