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Newsletter Volume 24 Issue 11

Robotic Beer Dispenser Hits the Ground Running?Reliable, rugged, and economical automation components are essential building blocks for bringing high-tech into consumer-facing applications.After working for more than a decade on industrial and automation projects, Grayson Dawson founded Hop Robotics to bring high-technology robotic serving systems to the food & beverage and hospitality sectors.Read more Free Practical…
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AutomationDirect is Design World’s 2022 Leadership in Engineering Winner, Industrial Automation Category

AutomationDirect is excited to announce this repeat win of an event organized by Design World to celebrate outstanding manufacturers identified as best in various categories, and as voted on by industry personnel. AutomationDirect has won this award for 2022, repeating their 2021 results. AutomationDirect supports countless OEMs, systems integrators, end users, and even hobbyists with…
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More SureFrame T-Slotted Rail Profiles from AutomationDirect

November 16, 2022 – AutomationDirect has added additional profiles of SureFrame t-slotted rails. The new 30mm x 60mm and 60mm x 60mm profiles added to the 30 Series lineup allow for greater project flexibility. These new profiles offer the same durability as existing SureFrame rails and are compatible with slotted rails/hardware from most other manufacturers….
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New LUTZE DRIVEFLEX and MOTIONFLEX VFD Cables from AutomationDirect

November 16, 2022 – AutomationDirect has added new LUTZE DRIVEFLEX® and MOTIONFLEX® variable frequency drive cables which provide supreme protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI). These cables are available in 18 to 8 AWG sizes and include four black conductors with a green/yellow ground conductor of the same gauge. Each conductor is labeled for easy identification…
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Datalogic Smart Vision Sensor from AutomationDirect

November 16, 2022 – AutomationDirect has proudly entered the industrial vision market with the addition of the Datalogic Smart Vision sensor. This sensor is an intelligent self-contained system that can capture an object’s image as it passes by and make decisions based on the details of that image. Built around a powerful multiprocessor platform featuring…
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What is PID Control?

PID is the most common industrial technology for closed-loop control. Despite the elegant mathematics behind PID loops, they are easily implemented with modern PLC technology. Closed-loop control, where a digital system monitors a measured value and then controls some device to accurately drive the process to a desired setpoint, is a fundamental strategy widely applied…
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Practical Motion Control Using Micro-PLCs

Designers working on smaller automation systems can now take advantage of advanced yet economical motion control by using micro-PLCs and stepper motors. Conor Perry, Technical Product Manager for the HMI and CLICK product groups at AutomationDirect, wrote an article for the October 2022 issue of Applied Automation. Titled Micro-PLC Motion Control Made Practical, the article…
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In-House Automation is the Key to Customization

Manufacturers are finding they can rapidly and flexibly adapt to changing production needs by engaging in-house personnel to deploy automation solutions. Automation is essential for improving productivity and quality, but many manufacturers serve markets where production volumes and product options vary drastically. As a senior maintenance and integration supervisor at Keytronic, Jose Luis Rodriguez Persona…
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Upgrading Agricultural Automation

This company is using modern PLCs and HMIs to revamp existing agricultural equipment automation systems, improving efficiency and adding advanced IIoT capabilities. Modern agriculture relies directly and indirectly on automated equipment for growing, processing, and transporting product. Vinny Endres grew up in a farming family and quickly learned how to keep things up and running….