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AutomationDirect adds Code Handheld Barcode Scanners

AutomationDirect has added CODE brand barcode scanners for use in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. The CR950 handheld series and the CR1100 series that operate in presentation mode or as a small handheld unit can read and decode most 1D and 2D barcodes such as Code 128 and QR codes. The CR6022…
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Dold Timer Relays from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added new Dold timer relays, which provide timed control for industrial controls and building automation applications. The MK series timer relays are ideal for applications such as process, machine tool, and safety control. These timers are available as cyclic, off-delay, on-delay, and multi-function types, with models that include up to 8 functions in…
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New SureMotion LAHP Series Linear Actuators and Slides from AutomationDirect

The SureMotion® LAHP series linear actuators, slides, and accessories are XYZ Gantry components that allow creation of a motion system with up to three axes of movement. These motor-ready linear actuators and sliding components have travel lengths of up to 910mm. They turn rotary motion into linear motion and provide a variety of X-Y and…
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Leadshine - Motion Control Supplier Profile

Superior product quality. Close collaboration with customers. Professional technical and customer support. Strong research and development. A great value for the price. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) note these key attributes when talking about Leadshine Technology Co. Ltd. and the motion control products and solutions it manufactures. Leadshine works with OEMs around the world in the…
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Hammond Data Communications Racks, Sanitary Enclosures, Miniature Cases, Wire Trough and Wireway from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect adds new series and models of enclosures from Hammond. Hammond data communication racks provide a housing to mount data communication equipment and devices used in industrial environments. Wall-mount swing­out rack enclosures include 19-inch mounting rails for easy installation of network access equipment. Rack cabinets and open wall-mount racks are ideal for securing equipment to…

2021 FIRST Robotics INFINITE RECHARGE 3D Printable Field

20:1 Scale Model of the 2021 Field AutomationDirect’s animation team converted the animation models into 3D printable models for you to play with.  This is the “playing field” for the FIRST Robotics Competition game for 2021.  For more info about FIRST and the 2021 game: “INFINITE RECHARGE” – please visit the FIRST website.  >>>> CLICK HERE to…
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PLCs Integrate Industrial Data to the Cloud

New PLCs gain capabilities to connect industrial-sourced OT data with higher-level IT and cloud-based systems. Damon Purvis, PLC Product Manager at AutomationDirect, wrote a cover story article for the January 2021 issue of Control Engineering. The article is titled PLCs Power Industrial Data Integration and it looks at the many ways PLCs have gained enterprise…

Newsletter Volume 23, Issue 1

Measure More Using Cloud ConnectivityTapping into data marooned on remotely-installed automation systems is made practical with new cloud-capable wireless devices.Industrial sites commonly operate a significant number of systems and equipment as isolated ‘islands of automation’. Remote locations, legacy hardware, and incompatible automation platforms have often made it expensive or unfeasible to tap into the valuable…
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Industrial Open-source control – what you need to know!

As an online supplier, we take our customers’ feedback to heart and try our hardest to accommodate all wants and needs. But besides the valuable suggestions and requests our customers provide, we also pay close attention to industry trends, research studies, and surveys. Recently, there was one trend that stood out from the pack. One…