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New 8mm Photoelectric, Inductive Proximity and Capacitive Proximity Sensors from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added several small sensors to the proximity sensor lineup. New rectangular 8mm x 16mm inductive proximity sensors are available in flush and non-flush mounting options, NO or NC outputs as well as NPN or PNP logic. The new 8mm round capacitive proximity sensors are able to detect materials other than metal, in a…
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New CLICK PLUS PLC Series from AutomationDirect

The new CLICK PLUS PLC series is the next generation of simple control. Building on the practical and popular CLICK PLC series, CLICK PLUS PLCs provide the same low-learning-curve control but with advanced options like Wi-Fi communication and data logging. CLICK PLUS CPUs are offered in wired-only, wireless-only, and wireless/wired styles and start at only…
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White Paper: When to Use Steppers for Motion Control

Stepper motors can be the best option, even for precision motion control applications, while avoiding the expense and complexity of servo motors. Standard AC induction and DC motors can only produce basic motion control, and servo motor solutions provide exceptional performance but drive up costs and complexity. For many motion control applications, stepper motor solutions…
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Stepper Motors | White Paper

Stepper motors play an important role for motion control applications requiring more precision than standard variable speed motors, but not warranting the expense and complexity of servo motors. For many applications, a stepper motor solution occupies the sweet spot of providing the required performance, but at a much lower cost than servo solutions. This white…
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ReeR Safegate Non-Muting Access Control Lights Curtains from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added new Safegate non-muting Type 4 access control barrier safety light curtains designed to protect a wide range of industrial applications that do not require muting functionality. Sender/receiver or active/passive pair versions are available with 24 VDC input, 300 or 400mm resolution and 0-8m or 0-12m operating distances. ReeR Safegate non-muting light curtains…
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SureStep Stepper Motor Linear Actuators from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added stepper motor linear actuators to its SureStep line of stepper motion control products. These linear actuators are NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 frame stepper motors with a stainless-steel lead-screw extension of the rotor. In conjunction with the provided screw nut, this actuator translates motor torque into linear thrust.  They can provide up…
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AutomationDirect PLCs and HMIs On Board Luxury Yachts

A seagoing story about how a premier yacht builder has progressively incorporated reliable AutomationDirect devices for monitoring and controlling ship systems. Westport Yachts, based in Washington State, constructs luxury 112- to 172-foot-long models and has launched hundreds of seagoing vessels since 1964. As the leading yacht builder in North America, and one of the largest…
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Metrol High Precision Limit Switches from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added more options for high precision limit switches from Metrol. High-temperature precision limit switches have been added that provide a 10 micron accuracy and are rated for temperatures of up to 200⁰C. New high-vacuum resistance limit switches are high precision with an accuracy of 10 microns as well and are designed to be…
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ProductivityOpen Speeds OEM Feature Development

AutomationDirect industrialized open-source hardware and software provides flexibility and options for OEMs looking to deliver tough, IT-capable systems. Güntner is a worldwide original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of evaporative condensers, serving a wide range of industries and users with their reliable large-scale heat exchangers. The company has developed in-house embedded microcontrollers specifically optimized for their equipment….