Whether you’re frantically looking for a way to program your PLC, deciding which pneumatic component you need, or looking for a way to impress your boss with some new-found knowledge, look no further than AutomationDirect’s videos. The newly redesigned page is easily accessed from AutomationDirect’s home page and has all of AutomationDirect’s 700+ videos at your fingertips.

New Navigation

The revamped page features all AutomationDirect videos with topical categories and search options to help you find what you need quickly and efficiently. New videos are featured prominently in the middle of the page with the ability to scroll down to any video. But who has time for that? The page also features product categories on the side so you can immediately jump to the category you’re looking for as well as filters so you can look at a variety of topics that interest you at once.

If you would rather peruse videos with a search bar or want to link to the page, both are located at the top of the page. Ready to try it out? Click here to visit the page.

And check this out: Many of the videos are organized in a cookbook format.

Just select the topic you are interested in and you will see three kinds of videos:

Don’t like change? No worries, all of the AutomationDirect videos are still housed on our YouTube channel. Do you have an idea for a video you would like to see? Click here to submit an idea.

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Updated: October 2021