Machine Visibility – Get the Answers You Need from Your Machine!

In some situations, the proverb “no news is good news” might actually hold true. But when it comes to remote machine installations, waiting around for the “news” and assuming the best could be a risky proposition. Many OEMs and system designers understand this and have taken measures to keep their remote machines or systems “visible” so they can be proactive in preventing customer downtime and possibly discover needed enhancements. Remote access is a vital tool that has been used for many years, but with the explosion of Ethernet in the industrial realm it has become easier to implement and available to a wider audience. Besides the conveniences provided by remote access, the data gathered from the multitude of factory floor sensors is a valuable asset to not only machine builders, but also to their customers’ local operations and upstream business-wide systems. Many of today’s PLCs and HMIs have the capability to serve as access points to, and loggers of, system data. Access to these “edge devices” can be through web browsers, mobile apps and/or encrypted VPN routers. To stay competitive in the Information Age, it’s crucial that machines/systems provide data on demand and AutomationDirect has the products to affordably make that possible.

Check out the articles below for a deeper dive into what’s required for remote access and the benefits remote machine visibility can provide.

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Get the Answers You need From Your Machine

Learn about the requirements for real-time machine visibility with this introduction article to our collection. Read More –>


Ethernet Dos and Don’ts

With the popularity of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), industrial Ethernet applications are expanding. The IIoT is helping collect data on plant floors and is using Ethernet cables, connector and switches as key components. Read More –>


Ethernet in Machine Automation

Fieldbus technology has been around for more than 30 years and has been a great replacement for point-to-point wiring in many cases. It’s widely used for connecting sensors, solenoids and other field devices to PLCs and other controllers. Ethernet is the most popular fieldbus option and it comes in many flavors. Read More –>


Managed Ethernet Switches | White Paper

Knowing when to choose a managed Ethernet switch instead of an unmanaged Ethernet switch for your industrial grade networking solution might not be obvious. Plus, the price differential between an unmanaged and managed switch is significant and can impact the overall system budget. Read More –>


Are You “Data-driven”? | Industry Survey

We, AutomationDirect in cooperation with CFE Media and Putman Media, surveyed a sample of both publishers’ readership to get answers about Big Data and the IIoT. Read More ->


PLCs & PACs Simplify Data Acquisition | White Paper

Learn how PLCs & PACs can simplify data acquisition with built-in acquisition capapilities, data-logging and data analysis functionality. Read More –>


A Quick Look At Creating The IIoT

The IIoT starts with edge devices. Connecting these sensors, actuators, motors, drives and other smart devices to PLCs and other advanced controllers is the first step. Read More –>


Cloud-Based Remote Access and Data Logging is Easy

Check out this article discussing how it is becoming easier to connect to the IIoT using cloud-based remote access to monitor, program and maintain machine control systems. Read More –>


Linking Machines to IT Systems

Once upon a time, individual machines were stranded on an island, or just linked to other machines using a few discrete I/O and dry contact relays. Then came machine-to-machine data links such as a proprietary PLC-based network. Today, and certainly in the future, machines are being linked to IT systems. Read More –>


Solutions for VPN Remote Access to PLCs, HMIs and Other Automation Components

The desire for remote access to plant floor PLCs, HMIs and other automation components is becoming a must-have feature for many manufacturing facilities and machine builders. For many applications, providing the desired level of cybersecurity requires more than just a router, namely a VPN. Read More –>


Remote Monitoring with Embedded HMIs

If your company has remote sites that need to be monitored, and if you’re looking for a way to do this without making periodic rounds to check each site, then remote monitoring may be the answer. Read More –>


Cellular Remote Access Gives Companies Competitive Edge

The automation world, with its distant and often isolated sites, has long sought reliable remote access to cut costs and improve reliability. Cellular technology could be the answer. Read More –>


Improving Pivot Irrigation Systems with AutomationDirect

Find out how parts from AutomationDirect improved an irrigation system saving time and money! Read More –>