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AutomationDirect PLCs Voted as a Readers’ Top Choice

Automation professionals have voted for the AutomationDirect family of programmable logic controller hardware and software, once again making them a top choice for their automation applications.

AutomationDirect programmable logic controller (PLC) hardware and software were recently recognized in Control Design 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards. This awards program invites readers with buying influence or authority to vote by writing in their preferred automation product manufacturers for many categories, without any other prompts. As in preceding years, AutomationDirect has been among the top finishers in the Control and Software categories! This year, AutomationDirect PLCs took third place and PLC programming software took fourth.

End users appreciate the large number of options available to them within the three AutomationDirect PLC families. No matter how small or large the project, AutomationDirect offers a PLC platform that will fit your needs. You can see all the PLC families here and use the handy selection tool to help find the best PLC platform for your project.

CLICK Series

Perfect for small systems with discrete inputs/outputs (I/O), the CLICK Series PLCs start at just $69. Even though these PLCs are at the entry-level end of the platforms, they include functionality like basic analog I/O control and monitoring, and Ethernet and serial communications.

Do-more Series

The mid-range Do-more Series of PLCs come in three form factors: BRX stackable micro bricks, H2 micro modular and T1H stackable. But don’t let their compact size fool you. Their high-performance processors have plenty of power for advanced programming like PID control and coordinated motion control. Other features include comprehensive communication, extensive onboard memory and secure connectivity.

Productivity Series

At the top end of the AutomationDirect PLC families, the Productivity Series is a scalable platform that can handle up to 59,000 I/O points, and it comes with sophisticated options such as pulse width modulation and high-speed I/O. Productivity PLCs have a large amount of user memory, an on-board display and integrated variable frequency drive I/O support. With many built-in communication options, a native web server and mobile access, these PLCs can tackle the toughest applications.


When it comes to industrial control platforms, hardware is only half the story. Users need intuitive PLC programming software to help them solve automation challenges. AutomationDirect meets this need with free software that is easy to use yet still offers the necessary advanced functionality.

CLICK software is practical and easy to use, with a low learning curve. Do-more software includes over 200 instructions, embedded video help, a project simulator, integrated security, and user-defined data structures. Productivity software offers tagname programming, email, field I/O auto-discovery, a web server and 2D data arrays. AutomationDirect also offers other software products for data logging, communications and operator interface.

AutomationDirect PLCs are a Readers’ Choice for many Reasons

AutomationDirect PLCs are end-user favorites based on many qualities:

  • Ease of use
  • Extensive product families with leading features
  • Ready availability
  • High value
  • Industry leading support

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