Crossword Puzzle

In each issue of the Automation Notebook we feature a section of brainteasers. In this issue we are featuring a crossword puzzle. Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle from Issue 11, 2009 of the Automation Notebook. The crossword puzzle is repeated in black and the answers to the crossword puzzle is shown below. You can view the crossword puzzle from Issue 11, 2009 without the answers here:



  1. ERV = Energy Recovery _________
  2. Boolean Operator
  3. Name of the FIRST game for 2008
  4. Type of race and a common electrical device
  5. New sensor (and switch) brand
  6. ____ & Do
  7. Type of module used in a solar array
  8. Mythological name for GT house
  9. Direct_________
  10. Maker of Turret Lathes
  11. Microproccesor used for sledding

  1. FACTS is a ____________ partner of AutomationDirect
  2. ______ Logic
  3. Location of the 2008 Solar Power Conference & Expo
  4. Excuse her for her math skills
  5. Colorful character
  6. For _________ and Recognition of Science and Technology
  7. Common factory floor device
  8. DC-to-DC converter brand
  9. Operator Interface