One of the most popular sections of Automation Notebook has always been The Break Room.  In fact, it’s so popular that many of our customers tell us that when they receive the latest issue,  it’s the first thing they read.  This time is no exception.  Go ahead and expose your cranium to some cognitive stimulation, but don’t be surprised if you have to call upon your local haberdashery to acquire a larger hat for yourself because of the intellectual expansion you experience.


Crossword Puzzle for Automation Engineers



1.. Makes known

9.  Secret, hidden, or concealed

10.  Runs on HW

11.  New Deal program (1933-1942)

12.  Dismantles

17.  An OK airport

18.  Rung after rung

22.  Home phoner

23.  Common converter of electric to kinetic energy

24.  Power upper?

26.  Along the center of a round body

27.  Popular brand of ‘green’ surfactant

30.  Dark hardwood in need of protection

32.  Sheet spreader

34.  Andalucían affirmative

35.  To suppose

[/two_columns] [two_columns_last ]Down

1.  Gets moving

2.  Nuke regulators

3.  “If you can make it there…”

4.  Power ___

5.  Turbidity divisions

6.  Word before “system” and “algorithm”

7.  Sound of disapproval

8.  Like Bo-Peep

13.  Combine into one

14.  Snooty

15.  Deny unauthorized access

16.  Put one’s finger on (abr.)

19.  2nd Gen PC

20.  Use

21.  Make face

24.  Robotic dog

25.  Input power

28.  y=ex for short

29.  eStandards?

31.  Table entry 83

33.  Reports to the captain (abr.)



First 10 readers to decipher this barcode can win an AutomationDirect baseball hat!


Hint: You’ll know how to claim your hat when you solve the puzzle. [hozbreak]